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Disneyland on our terms

Today was hopefully our last day of being somewhat irresponsible. We had to go to Disneyland to get pictures of the Snow White ride's facade, and we got a bunch of them! Oh my goodness, that building is so pretty. I feel like, based on the changes they're making (adding two happy (based on the descriptions) scenes with Snow White), they got a lot of complaints about how scary it is, and I'm like, "Hello, tourists. It's called Snow White's Scary Adventure. It's right there in the name." But anyway, we went on it twice, for the memories.

We also peeked into the Golden Horseshoe and discovered they were doing a show we hadn't seen before. We knew we hadn't seen it, because there were two pianos on the stage, and we hadn't seen any Golden Horseshoe shows with two pianos. The curious thing about it was that there was only one guy on the stage with the pianos. Well, after he played some fun songs (one we barely recognized from The Happiest Millionaire, because we were just talking about the scene it comes up in with Gaston last week, and the other one was Pecos Bill...which we wish he'd played juuuuust a little bit faster), he explained (using an impressive amount of alliteration) that his old piano partner went off and married Sally May McGillicuddy (it's the end of an era...), so he was looking for somebody else to play the piano with him. He then demonstrated that his rendition of The Blue Danube just isn't the same without someone to play the other part, but he got the audience to sing the other part, so it was okay.

Neither of us remembers if that was still the piece he was playing when a mysterious voice started singing the rest of it. We were all shocked and amazed (Athena and I were sitting up on the second floor away from the railing, so we didn't even see the guy until we heard him and stood up to see, so it was a very nice surprise effect), and he introduced himself as Thomas Franklin something something Amadeus something something Paganini Puccini Rossini something Grieg something von Beethoven the fifth. Our host gasped, repeated the name for confirmation (as well as comedic effect, I'm sure), and said, "Otherwise known as the Carnegie Kid!?" The very same.

So the Carnegie Kid auditioned for the job, and there was a lot of piano playing with competing classical and...ragtime? saloon-y styles, and it culminated in a duel/duet that was a very impressive medley and I cannot replicate the effect because I cannot type the sound of a piano. Just take my word for it, it was awesome. And then the host left the Carnegie Kid to finish off the show, which I felt was a little strange, because hello, obviously the duel would have been the grand finale...but on the other hand, now that he has the job, it does make sense to let him do it for a little while. He played Fortuosity (also from The Happiest Millionaire), and that made us happy, but then he played the cantina music from Star Wars, know, I love John Williams, and I can't hate the music from Star Wars, and I don't even really hate Star Wars (as a concept; I do hate The Force Awakens), but we were just like, "Ugh, do you have to vomit Star Wars all over everything?" But that's just our own personal opinion that is completely biased, and I understand wanting to throw something with widespread appeal into the mix, and I like the rest of the show enough to get over it. It's just that, since we hadn't seen the show before, it was kind of a buzzkill. But! then he made it all better by finishing up with Great, Big, Beautiful Tomorrow, which is one of my favorite obscure Disney songs!

So it ended on a very high note (pun intended, although I would like to point out that there were never any long, drawn-out, super-high notes), and we were very glad that we stopped to watch the show instead of being like, "Well, that's something happening," and moving on with our day, which I very nearly did.

...And I think that's all of the noteworthy events of the day. Oh wait! There was a moment of extreme consternation. We wanted to catch a show at the Royal Theatre, but they weren't seating yet and we didn't want to wait around doing nothing. Fortunately, we heard the Disneyland Band playing over by the castle not too far away, so we went over to listen. They were doing a super awesome Nutcracker Suite arrangement with some pretty fun choreography thrown in, and it was the best. Then they played Be Our Guest, with Belle joining in as, well, a special guest. While this was going on, I noticed over to the side, there was Gaston (the Disneyland Gaston, not our friend Gaston), waiting in the metaphorical wings. We got our hopes up a little, thinking maybe, since they'd just done a Nutcracker medley (which was new), that after they did Be Our Guest (which was not new), maybe they'd do Gaston! ...They didn't. When they finished Be Our Guest, the musicians started talking about Star Wars (I don't think I need to repeat our feelings about Star Wars), and Belle walked off the metaphorical stage...right to where Gaston was, and I watched them walk off together while the cantina music played in the background. It was tres bizarre.

We did have another character encounter that was much more to our liking. We were heading back to the Snow White ride when we saw an entourage of people hovering around the Wicked Queen herself. She had found the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique display window, which included a mirror, and so she was admiring herself and giving commentary for her entourage's benefit. She said, "Notice the single chin." That's the only thing we remember, because we didn't stick around, but it was amusing.

Oh yeah! Since it was just the two of us today, I thought it would be a good time to look for the leprechaun's house in Adventureland. We'd heard about it because they'll mention it on the Disney Parks Blog every so often, but we didn't know where it was, and that bothered me. We're supposed to know where everything is at Disneyland. So we conducted a search. We'd seen either a picture or a concept art or an illustration or something on the Parks Blog, so we knew it was at the base of a tree, and we thought we checked every tree we could, but no luck. We were standing by the Tropical Hideaway, finishing our jungle juleps and trying to decide what to do about it, when a guest jockey came along with a tour group. Apparently it was break time, because as soon as they got about to where we were, they dispersed. The guest jockey stayed there so everybody could know where to meet up again, I guess, and since she wasn't doing anything, I asked her about the leprechaun. She was happy to tell us the house was over by the Indiana Jones ride, and gave some more specific instructions, but apparently they were not specific enough for me, because I still could not find it. There was another cast member standing by, so, since she wasn't doing anything at the moment, either, I asked her to point it out to me. We were walking back to where Athena was, and when I got there, Athena pointed to a tree with a little chimney and door and mailbox. She was planning to just wait for me and the cast member, but she glanced over to the side and there it was! So we did have the power to find it on our own, but also we didn't... It was kind of an odd thing. But we know where it is now, and that makes me feel much better!

And those really are the most important things. I could talk about how they changed the chocolate danishes to chocolate croissants that have much less chocolate and are therefore vastly disappointing. We've been noticing Disney's fear of commitment to chocolate (either there's not very much of it or it's mixed with a very non-chocolate flavor), but we told ourselves it was okay, because of the chocolate danishes. But now those, too, are gone. Disneyland really does seem to be afraid of chocolatiness. It's a shame.

Then we came home and played Pokemon instead of working. Tomorrow we really are going to buckle down and get to work. Hopefully it won't be too late...

Today I'm thankful for the lovely time we had at Disneyland (oh yeah! there were also ducklings!), getting to see a really cool piano show at the Golden Horseshoe, having photographic evidence of the amazingness that is Ken Andersen's design for Snow White's Scary Adventure's facade, getting to see the Disneyland Band's Nutcracker medley, and finding Patrick Begorra's house.
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