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Today may have been a day of terrible decisions, or it may have been a mental health day. Or maybe it was both! At any rate, we were fully intending to work at the beginning of the day, but we started with something stressful, and it turned out to be just stressful enough (on top of all the other stress we've been dealing with) to get us to say, "You know what? We could do our job, or we could do research for our job in the form of watching a movie." We chose the latter.

The movie in question was Clueless, because there's a short story at the end of the Sailor Moon manga that uses a ton of slang, and for authenticity, we thought it would be good to reference something from that decade. And so Clueless was chosen, and I had my iPad out the whole time so I could note down slang words they used. We got a pretty good list, but we'll see how many of them end up working in the dialogue.

After that, we decided to be a little more responsible and we did some actual translating. We made some pretty good progress on it, too, so maybe the time off to recharge helped? At any rate, when dinnertime came around, we were about halfway through a section on it, and it seemed like we could probably finish the whole section and still have time for either Pokemon or Miraculous. But after dinner, we were like, "Well, we could finish that section, or we could just play Pokemon." We chose the latter. We really enjoyed it! So I hope we don't end up suffering too much for it later.

Tomorrow's plans also involve being less productive. We need to get to Disneyland to take pictures of Snow White'S Scary Adventure before they close it down and change it, and tomorrow is the day. So I guess we'll have to really buckle down for the rest of the week. Hopefully we'll be in a better place by then.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Clueless, making not terrible progress on work even so, catching a bunch of new Pokemon, having a list of '90s slang to use in our translation, and not being fired.
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