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So much Disneyland

We're back! I think I mentioned we had plans to go to Disneyland yesterday? Maybe I didn't but that's where we were. It was kind of tiring, actually. ...Actually, that's not a surprise, because it's always tiring these days, but this time it was maybe a little moreso. The plan was to meet up with a friend of Gaston's and her husband, first to have lunch at the Trattoria. Our recent (and seemingly constant) wanderings around the park in search of The Perfect Meal (I guess) have brought it to our attention that there are experiences at Disneyland that we haven't experienced--namely, restaurants. Well, we can't do restaurants without Gaston, because restaurants are our weakness (hence our not having yet experienced them).

So we had a lunch reservation at the Trattoria, and it's an Italian place, so we didn't even have to order off-menu! ...which is good, because I'm not sure if we can get away with that anywhere outside the super super fancy places. Anyway, we had chicken Parmesan. It was good. Gaston had linguine with clams. The significance of this is that, while he was enjoying his pasta, he crunched on something so hard he was afraid he might have broken a tooth. (We still don't know if he really did or not.)

So he told our server about it, and she told the chef about it, and by way of compensation, the chef gave us tickets for the preferred viewing area of World of Color! Tadah! ...We actually had been hoping to use the fact that Gaston's friends were there to say, "Ya know, we've seen this already; we'll just go save us all a spot for the fireworks at Disneyland while y'all enjoy the show." But this changed everything. Fortunately, it was for the later World of Color show, because I really like the holiday fireworks at Disneyland, so we got to see both! And we learned that World of Color really is designed to look great from just the right angle...which you can't really watch it from unless you get preferred viewing...which costs $50 per person unless one of you breaks a tooth. And the thought that you can't see the show the way it's meant to be seen unless you shell out the big bucks kind of bums me out.

Oh! we also had some really tasty panna cotta, which was a little disappointing because the server called it "chocolate" panna cotta, but it's at least half caramel. I feel like the people at Disneyland right now are afraid to commit to chocolate. All their chocolate stuff either has peppermint, something that's either cream cheese or sour cream, or some other flavor that's not chocolate. I think they even stopped selling the brownies at Starbucks.

It reminds us of a couple of times when we ordered the double chocolate bread pudding from Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen, and they ask if we want ice cream on it, and we're like, "I dunno..." and they're like, "I think you'll want it there to cut the chocolate," and then we get the ice cream, and it's good ice cream, so there's no regrets, but the bread pudding itself is far from chocolaty enough (for our palates) to require cutting. We always (two out of two times) finish the bread pudding and then take a spoon to the leftover chocolate sauce that came with it because we haven't had enough chocolate. So next time we go to the Jazz Kitchen, I want to order the double chocolate bread pudding, and if I can't get it with chocolate ice cream, order an extra side of chocolate sauce, just so we can be like, "Look, some people want a lot of chocolate."

But anyway, once I got over my disappointed expectations and decided to enjoy the dessert for what it was, I found it to be quite delicious.

Other than that, the day mostly consisted of the usual aimless wandering, only we went on more rides because there were people with us who don't get to go all the time. And we ran into a security guard who was totally white but had a nametag claiming he was from Japan and could speak Japanese, so we asked him about it and started a conversation. We talked about a bunch of stuff, he showed us his inkan seal, we confessed we still haven't seen Your Name. He kept throwing out slang to see if we knew it, and of course we did, and since we'd already told them we're manga translators, his partner was like, "Dude, it's their job," and I was like, "I'm glad somebody understands." (On the other hand, I'm also glad that people understand that just because I'm a translator doesn't mean I automatically know every Japanese word.)

Then today we slept in and tried in vain to catch up on work. And now we are tired and braindead, but still very busy. And we really want to go to Disneyland on Monday to take care of some things, and I feel like it's a bad idea, but I really want to. We have to get a Christmas gift for Celeste, after all. And we still need to take pictures of Snow White's Scary Adventure.

Today I'm thankful for at least catching up a little bit on work, getting to watch a pretty cool episode of Fire Force, getting to try a new restaurant at California Adventure, getting preferred viewing for World of Color (incidentally, the $50 viewing (okay, to be fair it also comes with a meal) does not come with seats), and getting to sleep in (again) tomorrow.
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