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Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight volume 10

The good news is we got one of our deadlines moved back to January. The bad news is that that prompted us to look at our January schedule, and it's kind of really packed. Sigh. I'm sure we'll survive. But in the meantime, it's Review Rednesday! So here's our review of Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight 10! Spoilers ahead!

There are two main things I remember about this volume. The first is that we took it to the California Adventure Office, and worked on it under the big ramp that takes the boats up on Grizzly River Run. There was a mild concern that water would drip on the Chromebook and Ruin Everything, but the puddle from all the dripping was about a foot away, so we figured we'd stick it out until things started looking iffier. And we survived the whole book! Tadah!

The second thing I remember is that Ayami is in love with Kaede. This was...not really surprising at all. But let's not jump too far ahead. First, Hinana's been caught by Funny Bone and Mitsuki is trying to extract information about Kaede's heinous plot, which as we all know is not heinous at all. This is where Ayami learns that his assumption that Kaede just wanted to forget all about them was false! What! I actually don't think he was too far out of line to assume that, since they did have that messy falling out, and members of the band were bound and determined to hold it against him, so it probably would be easiest for him to just move on with his life and not worry about them anymore. So that makes it all the more meaningful that Kaede didn't want to forget all about them.

Of course Kaede shows up, because he was planning to come talk to Funny Bone anyway. And it was so cute how nervous he was! And totally relatable! I think it took a LOT of courage to do what he was doing, and I find it very admirable. But Mitsuki is Mitsuki, and he was all, "Come on, guys! We hate his guts, right!?" and they're all, "Yeah, I guess so." Except for Ayami, of course. I have to tell you, when he told Kaede to leave, he used the word "kaeru," which means to go--or come--home. We weren't quite sure which one he meant at first, so we used context to figure it out, but in retrospect, if he'd really been asking Kaede to join the band again, he probably would have said "kaette kite kure" and not just "kaette kure." Well, thank goodness for context, anyway. Of course, that was part of the problem, was context, because we knew that Ayami felt differently from everyone else, which meant he could have voiced a very different opinion. But it's okay, it all worked out. We got the right translation, it's fine.

So now Kaede's sad, which means Hinana is sad, which means Shu is sad because she wanted Hinana to be emotionally present for her love problems, but now Hinana's distracted. Fortunately, Shu just happens to have a photo that presents the magically convenient solution to all their problems. There was a time capsule! Maybe if they can dig up the time capsule, everyone in Funny Bone will remember how much fun they had together and they'll let bygones be bygones and stop hating Kaede! It's perfect! ...Only the place the capsule was buried has been renovated since then--the time capsule may have been destroyed in construction! Oh noes!

But it wasn't, so it's all okay. They planted it under a giant tree, and the place was made into a park, so it really didn't make sense to bulldoze the tree. Parks need trees. So Hinana found a picture online and thought, "Maybe..." and Ayami had the same thought, so they run into each other again! Dun dun DUN! I don't know if we were supposed to think something dramatic was going to happen when he showed up, but if we were, we would have been disappointed. It was just, "Oh hey, I guess we can dig it up together now." So they did, and Ayami finds a letter! What! And now he's crying!? WHAT!?

And now Ayami has Hinana sending Kaede messages about how he wants to talk to both of them--but why would Hinana need to be there!? Kaede can only think of one answer, and it's super cute, but also like...I don't know. It seems egotistical somehow, but on the other hand I feel like it can't be. He's worried that Ayami has fallen in love with Hinana! Because she's just so lovable! And it was so sweet, because Hinana was like, "Ummm, I don't think so..." and Kaede was like, "You do not understand how utterly adorable and lovable you are!" And she was like, "Thanks, but I still think this is something different." And Ayami was like, "No, you have it backwards." And we were like, "Backwards? But Hinana didn't fall in love with you!" And he's like, "I love you, Kaede," and we're like, "Oh, you meant that backwards. That's not really backwards in this case, so much as, I don't know, sideways...?" And Ayami is making this super important confession and we're over here quibbling about word choice because it's what we do.

So the whole reason Ayami seemed to hate Kaede the most of all the people that hated him is that he was trying to hide his true feelings. I guess there could have been some genuine hate, since he was clearly bitter and jealous when Kaede spent time with people other than him. But now he's come to terms with his feelings, and he can be open and honest, and it was really kind of sweet. And Kaede's response was very sweet, too. I did sort of hesitate to have him say, "I love you, too," because I don't know if he would be open to switching to Ayami if Hinana were somehow out of the picture, but we figured it didn't matter too much either way. Because whatever kind of love it is, I do think that Kaede does genuinely love Ayami.

Now it's just a matter of getting the rest of the band to forgive Kaede...except wait, I forgot the most important part. I guess I didn't think of it because it's been a given in my mind ever since we heard the whole Yo story. You'll be shocked(?) to learn that Yo didn't kill himself! What. I...yeah, I already predicted that. The more shocking thing, to me, is that Mitsuki had nothing to do with it. I just thought Mitsuki was way more upset about it than the situation warranted, but I guess that's not fair of me. People grieve in all kinds of ways, Alethea. Of course, we are still throwing out theories about maybe Mitsuki was in love with Yo, or maybe he was in love with Kaede, too, based on the, "Let Mitsuki assign the watches!" scene. But the point is, the letter that made Ayami cry was from Yo, saying, "I decided to join the band after all!" which of course he wouldn't have done if he was thinking about driving off a cliff. So now Kaede doesn't have to go through the rest of his life feeling like he's killed a man, which has got to be a huge relief.

And it's the evidence that Ayami needs to prove to the band that Kaede isn't as evil as they think he is. So Ayami and Kaede go beg the band to reconcile, and Yuta and Naoto are like, "Okay, I guess." And Mitsuki's still being a butt. But Kaede's pretty happy with the results, so to thank Hinana for her hand in all of it, he takes her on her perfect date, and we were both like, "Awwww, I want a boyfriend to do that for me..." But in the middle of the date, Mitsuki calls! Oh no! And he demands that Kaede go seem him right now! What! But isn't Funny Bone in the middle of a concert?

I didn't trust it, but I guess I just have trust issues. In scenes that we didn't get to see, Mitsuki had somehow come to terms with everything, and now he was ready to forgive Kaede to the point that they let him be the special guest in their concert. Awwwwwwww! And they lived happily ever after.

Or not. We really don't know, because that's where the volume ended! I mean, it wasn't a cliffhanger or anything, so I think we can be sure that the concert went well and everything, and the next volume is going to focus on Hinana talking to her family. Mikimoto-sensei said she wanted to devote more pages to the concert, but she felt like that wasn't what the readers would want, so she opted against it, and I'm like, "Hey, if it can give me more closure with this Mitsuki business, I would be all for it." But at least we know that they did make up.

Finally, we get a chapter that was supposed to be about Shigeo, but still seemed to focus for the large part on Kaede and Hinana being a cute couple. I'm sorry, Shigeo, I just find you to be somewhat forgettable. Maybe if there was more to his personality than, "I'm the gruff manager who thinks Hinana is too big of a liability." It tells the story of how he started managing Kaede, but I feel like we already knew it. He saw Kaede on TV and thought, "This dude's gold," and that was pretty much that. And it ends with him and Shu hanging out at a bar together, foreshadowing their future relationship. The end. Awwwwww.

And there you have it. Another cute volume of a cute series. I think the next one will be the last one, so it should be the super sweet happy ending! We'll be looking forward to it!

Aww, what a cute series. This was one of this week's new releases, so tadah! We also have the 19th and final volume of Missions of Love, so tune in for our review of that next week! Our list says we also have a volume of AICO Incarnation out today...and we haven't written a review of it. And next week they'll be releasing a volume of Saint Young Men that we...started to write a review of while we were waiting for something, but then the thing happened (was Gaston coming over? I don't remember), and I only had like a sentence or two written, so I don't know if I saved it. It's really getting to the wire--we must decide whether or not to declare review bankruptcy. ...But not for another few weeks, because in two weeks is Christmas and we'll be out of town! So we'll see. I think it mostly depends on whether or not work crushes us.

Today I'm thankful for meeting our work quota for the day, getting a nice intense workout on Ring Fit Adventure, having plans to try another restaurant at California Adventure tomorrow, having a brilliant plan to help morale not be destroyed while editing Sailor Moon, and having a deadline get pushed back.
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