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The Miraculous Sailor Moon

I don't remember if it was last night or two nights ago that my mind was wandering and it hit upon the realization that Adrien (like from Miraculous) is an anagram of Darien (like the DiC dub name of Tuxedo Mask). We've known all along that there was a method to at least some of the names in Miraculous (Marinette is a variant of Mary, and ladybugs are associated with the Virgin Mary, for example; Chloe Bourgeois's last name should be obvious), and we'd been wondering where they got the name Adrien (we read somewhere that in the early stages, there was a character named Felix (after the cat, we imagine) who would have been the black cat character). With all of his fanboy's shouts of "Adrian!" we thought maybe one of the creators was just a really big fan of Rocky. But the connection between Adrien and Darien has us wondering now...although we're pretty sure Tuxedo Mask's secret identity was not named Darien in the French version.

This theory is supported by our current work on the final arc of the Sailor Moon manga, where we discover that Galaxia wants to combine her crystal of ultimate destruction with Sailor Moon's crystal of ultimate rebirth (or creation), and we were like, "Hey, just like the Miraculouses!" And of course it doesn't take much Miraculous viewing to think the creators were probably fans of Sailor Moon (the French voice of Marinette is even the French dub voice of Usagi in Sailor Moon Crystal).

But we don't know. It's not even that important, because both serieses are super great whether they're related or not (like Tomokazu Seki and Toshihiko Seki). But since we are working on Sailor Moon right now, and we're just as obsessed with Miraculous as ever, it makes us happy to make connections between the two series, whether the creators intended them or not.

We think there's a good chance we'll have to wait until February for more episodes, so it's a good thing we have Pokemon to distract us in the meantime. We caught no less than seven new Pokemon today! And our Bounsweet evolved into Steenee, and I don't know what's up with that name, but the Pokemon itself is super adorable! The way she turns her head is so sassy!

Today I'm thankful for making pretty good progress on Sailor Moon today, getting to watch an episode of Miraculous, the Rudolph sketch in the Studio C Christmas special, catching lots of Pokemon, and getting to play lots of Ring Fit Adventure.
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