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Mental health day

We decided to blow everything off and go AWOL today. But we're not even good at that, either, because we went grocery shopping first. On the other hand, we didn't officially decide to blow everything off until we were grocery shopping. We had plans to maybe do a little work today, so that we could go to Disneyland on Monday with clearer consciences. But when we got home, we checked our blockout dates and realized we will have an opportunity to go again after next weekend, so we can work on Monday and go to Disneyland the next week. (We have to get there before Christmas, because we need to take pictures of the Snow White ride.)

So we got home from the grocery store and spent the rest of the day playing video games. Mostly Pokemon, of course, but with a little bit of Ring Fit Adventure, because even though that is technically a responsible thing to do, it is also a fun thing that we've been wanting to do and haven't been able to. And then it took just a little longer to get to Turffield than we wanted, so we stayed up late to watch an episode of Miraculous. We almost went without it because we have to get up early (on a Saturday! grrrr!) for our ward Christmas activity, and we weren't really on an episode with a lot of Adrien, but we decided to watch it anyway, and we're so glad we did. Miraculous is <3.

And now instead of going to sleep we're getting into a discussion about Japanese grammar in song lyrics. We just don't know when to quit.

Today I'm thankful for having lots of time to play Pokemon, getting to play some Ring Fit Adventure, Gossifleur, finishing our grocery shopping before the rain hit, and being prepared to go to Chara Expo tomorrow.
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