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We took the day off today! And it was lovely, but short as always. We spent part of it cleaning! Woohoo! And then we set up our Christmas tree! It's so nice to have a sparkling light-up tree in the living room. Of course, these days we spend most of our time in the bedroom, because that's where the fancy TV is. But we have plenty of import DVDs we haven't watched yet that will have to be viewed in the living room, because that's where we have the region 2 DVD player, and this will be a good incentive!

That's not what we did today, though. After the tree got set up, we spent the rest of the day playing Pokemon. We got our Nickit to evolve into a Thievul, which is a great name because it has a pun on at least three levels. It's a fox (vulpine) Pokemon that's a dark type and likes to steal things. And the best part is that it has a burglar's mask and twirly mustache!

And Page was sitting in someone's lap all afternoon. It was lovely. We still watched an episode of Miraculous, of course. Now we're exactly where we were when the first set of season three episodes interrupted us. Will the second set interrupt us in the same place?!?!? ...Probably not, but we sure are eager to see those episodes. It's a good thing we have Pokemon to distract us in the meantime. ...Or I guess we could write manga reviews and translation blog posts...but we're still on vacation. We're not sure yet if we're going to work tomorrow or not. We don't have a lot of deadlines for December, but we have a couple that could end up taking forever, so it's probably not a great idea to slack off for too long. We'll just have to pray about it.

Today I'm thankful for getting the day off, having our lovely Christmas tree all set up, getting to play plenty of Pokemon, Page hanging out with us all afternoon and evening, and finally getting back to Ring Fit Adventure.
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