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We knew our Super Crunch wasn't going to be over until we survived Tuesday, but boy oh boy, did we not know how much endurance it would take. I mean, of course we could just say no to stuff, so we are partly responsible for this, but that doesn't make it any less daunting.

Gaston called this afternoon and informed us that he recently realized that Alice would be working overtime the next several weeks, and therefore tomorrow would be her one and only chance to see Disneyland during the holiday season this year. Therefore, they were already driving down south. Perhaps the smart thing would have been to say, "Well, we hope you have a good time, but unfortunately we have way too much work to do to join you." But we almost never get to see Alice, and we really like her, so instead we said, "Well, we have a simulpub chapter we're going to have to translate, but we can join you after that." This might give us no time to make progress on Saint Young Men, but we'll see.

...And then we just have to survive Tuesday. We only have two chapters (and two pages) of Saint Young Men to edit, which doesn't sound so bad! ...Until you realize that it's Saint Young Men.

But anyway. We had a nice story from Primary today. Sometimes (twice) Athena tries to teach the songs by asking who, what, when, where, why, and how--like if the song tells a story, you ask the questions and sing the lyrics to them so they'll be listening for the answers. So this was the second time Athena used that method, but the really fun thing about it is that when she asked the questions, before even hearing the song, the kids would give answers from the last time she did it. And that was, like, months ago! So it's nice to know the kids were paying attention then. Time will tell if they were also paying attention this time.

Also, we went to a baptism today! And yesterday! And it seems like they've added a new thing where they'll have the missionaries stand up and tell about the Restoration of the gospel, and a lot of it seems to be an "in your own words" sort of thing, but they always have one of them recite a bit from Joseph Smith's account of the First Vision, when he saw God and Jesus. And since we have a song in our hymnal that tells the same story, and I'm always sitting at the piano the whole time, I get tempted to just start playing the hymn as background music. And I know for a fact that nobody would stop me, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it, even though it would have made for a very cool movie-like effect. But now that I know it's a thing, I can maybe practice it a little to see what I need to pay attention to to get the timing right. So next time they ask me to do the music for a baptism, I'm going to go prepared.

Today I'm thankful for getting to spend a lot of time sitting and decompressing, reminders that the kids in Primary are paying attention, getting to go to two lovely baptisms, having a strategy so we won't be completely empty-handed if we haven't finished Saint Young Men by our 7pm deadline on Tuesday, and getting to listen to Out of Shadowland this morning.
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