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Man it's weird being caught up. We don't have anything to do. We even cleaned! I guess we could clean some more, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. We looked at the more detailed Nova application that they sent for us to print out and take with us to the interviews, and it got a little scary, because it reminded us that we'll be going there to work. Not so much that I hate work (though I am very lazy) as that I'm not confident that I can work, because I'm a perfectionist and it doesn't count if I'm screwing everything up. Still, when I give myself more time to think about it, it doesn't seem so hard. I'm pretty good at speaking English, and that's really the main requirement.

We also read the latest chapter of "Yakusoku ~Tooi Sora kara Furu Hoshi" that's up at the Japanese Animate site. It's a pretty neat story with cute boys in many different senses of the word. For those of you who are looking to get more practice with your Japanese reading skills, you might want to check it out! In fact, please check it out! It's nice when there are other people who know what you're talking about.

But you might not want to read all the chapters at once. The next one's not set to go up until April. Not that there are any real cliffhangers or anything, just that it's easier to forget about. Like how it's easy to forget about new Danny Phantom episodes because they seem to only have them every three weeks (the next one's supposed to air on the 17th; hopefully we'll be back from San Francisco in time to see it!)

In about half an hour, we can watch reruns of 8 Simple Rules, and after that we should get the next 24 DVD in the mail, and hopefully a check, so then we'll have stuff to do! That will be nice.
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