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Another day at Disneyland

Today was much more relaxing than the rest of our week has been, but not the most relaxing because of some silly drama that's going on. It's okay, though, because it's slow-moving drama for the most part, and we got to watch Klaus, which was really good, but also a little slow-moving. It made me happy, but also sad.

But anyway, there was actually stuff at Disneyland on Wednesday worth reporting on, so let's talk about it.

Our day started with the usual routine, because we were being stubborn. When that was done, we tore ourselves away from the computer and got to work preparing for guests. It was actually a good thing, because Mom had also asked to stay the night on Friday, so it would be nice to have a head start. And most of all, we already knew our garage door opener wasn't working again, so while Athena took care of cat allergens and other things, I went to the office to see about getting it fixed. That was kind of nice, because it was raining, which meant I got to wait outside with my Harry Potter umbrella that I really like, and the sun was shining at the same time, so it was really pretty out.

The maintenance guy came and did the thing he does with the mechanism inside the garage (after opening the door manually), and the clicker worked again! So he closed the door, handed the clicker back to me, I tried it...and it wasn't working anymore. So he fiddled with the mechanism some more, we tried it again, still no luck. He said the outlet might need fixing, and he'd have to call his supervisor, so if I needed to get anything out of it, now was my chance. I said well...I need to let a friend park there later, so can we just leave it open? And that's what we did.

Eventually Gaston showed up and off we went to the parks! California Adventure is having their Festival of the Holidays, where they have food stands all along the parade route with special holiday dishes. So that was our first walk along the whole parade route while Gaston tried and failed to find an exciting holiday dish to try for lunch. Eventually our journeys took us to the Cozy Cone in Cars Land, where they had peppermint soft serve. We were sure that would be a big winner, because Gaston loves the Cozy Cone's soft serve...but he didn't want to have dessert before "real" food. We got some of it anyway, because we needed to make sure to stay fueled up and we have no compunctions about eating dessert before "real" food (and then again after real food, ideally).

At some point we ended up at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, which they had decorated very nicely for Christmas. They even hung gigantic jingle bells from some of the rope bridges so you could jump up and down and make them jingle. (Now I remember this was before the ice cream, because I remembered being concerned about jumping so much on such low energy, but it was too much fun not to, so.) They also put wooden reindeer decorations on the tire-swing/zipline thingies. It was neat.

The only thing that was remotely appealing to Gaston was the Carthay Circle menu, but I guess for frugality reasons nobody asked if they were taking walk-ins. So we went over to Disneyland, where we ate at the Red Rose Taverne, which, thankfully, did have a special seasonal burger. Another Beast Burger (this time with pastrami), a menu item that seems to change with the wind.

...I think it was after that that we went to Galaxy's Edge. It is right there, after all. The line to Smuggler's Run wasn't very long, so we waited in it! And when we got to the corridor right before they seat us in the Millennium Falcon cockpit, Gaston looked over at the cast member who was supposed to show us the pre-flight video...and it was a friend of his! So Gaston was all, "Hi, how ya doing!" and they had a happy little reunion. Gaston asked his friend what his wife is up to, and he said, "She's...uh...she's on your planet!" Galaxy's Edge residents aren't supposed to know "off-worlders," and there were three random high school girls there with us, so he had to value the magic. While the pre-flight video played, the two of them caught up in hushed tones.

The flight was different than we remembered it. We only managed to get one crate of correlium, which was probably more because the pilots couldn't get us lined up behind the train, but after that, instead of going straight to the Resistance base, something went wrong with our hyperdrive and we found ourselves in the middle of an asteroid field! Also, for the first time, gunners were able to choose between manual and automatic targeting. And when the mission was over, the cast member came back and said good news! Hondo really liked our work, so we was willing to hire us again! So we got to trade jobs and go on it again, no waiting in line! Gaston has some good friends (or just friends in good places?).

After that, we kind of wandered around for a while. We saw a rainbow, and now that the rain had stopped, the Star Wars characters were out and about. We saw Rey walking very determinedly somewhere, and Chewbacca was going around messing with people's hair. We stopped in the restrooms in the marketplace, and I got out first. While I was waiting, I stood back and watched the water fountain monster, and then I felt a tap on the back of my head. I looked around, wondering if Athena or Gaston had gotten out of the restroom, or if someone we knew was at the park or something...and then I saw Chewbacca walking away. That silly Wookiee.

...Was there anything else worth talking about? I think after that, we wandered around in search of dinner. When they have seasonal food items, Gaston wants to check them out. This is how we discovered that the Blue Bayou has changed their menu, and it even says the dishes are prepared according to the guest's preferences (they didn't do this before, because it's a small place that's in high demand, so they had a lot of pre-prepared dishes in order to serve the food and turn around as many tables as possible). They were even taking walk-ins, so we almost went in to see what it was all about...and I'm remembering that the reason we didn't is that Gaston wasn't hungry yet after so late a lunch, so now I'm really confused as to what we were actually doing, because both of us think we probably were looking for seasonal food items. ...Oh yeah, maybe it was to look at the Christmas lights!

Okay, I'm getting mixed up. It doesn't matter. We went on Small World and saw the first half of World of Color. We left early in the hopes of getting to see the fireworks, but it was too windy. The World of Color show was interesting, though, because I think it was all the same music and most of the same movie clips and stuff, but when they did the Nutcracker Suite, instead of having the aliens from Toy Story, they used the ballerinas from Fantasia. But the Fantasia ballerinas aren't from the Fantasia Nutcracker Suite--they're from Dance of the Hours. So it was weird, but I definitely like having Fantasia characters in the show.

After not seeing the fireworks, we went on Haunted Mansion Holiday, and then it was off to get beignets. While we were in line, it came out that we'd seen and not liked Coco, which prompted Gaston to call us damaged. I mean, he's not wrong about us being damaged, but I hardly think that's why we disliked Coco. But I already talked about that here, so we don't need to go into details. The discussion had us super grumpy, though, because apparently any opinion that is not high praise of the movie is utterly invalid. We didn't feel the need to keep picking apart one of his favorite movies, though, so we just let him keep talking about his favorite scenes.

We slept in the next morning, which may be part of why we didn't have any time to spare after work. Our whole schedule is totally shot now. We did manage to finish our quota on Thursday, but then, with almost no warning, our bathroom sink stopped draining entirely. And more on that lovely story next time.

Today I'm thankful for the beautiful weather at Disneyland on Wednesday, the tasty peppermint soft serve, getting to go on Smugglers Run an extra time, getting to watch Klaus, and getting to try the butterbeer fudge finally (it tastes like mallow creme!).
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