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Oh man, today has been a day. We have a very thick volume of In/Spectre due on Friday, so our plan was to just work on it until our family showed up. We have plans to go to Universal Studios together tomorrow, and part of those plans involve us staying at the hotel with them the night before.

There were three things we didn't count on. First, our weekly simulpubs hit today. That's actually a really good thing, because now we don't have to worry about them when we're exhausted from theme parking. Second, and we actually did see this one coming, Gaston called because he always wants to go to Disneyland the week of Mickey Mouse's birthday. I think at first it was a coincidence, and later he started following social media accounts or something that alerted him to the fact that today is Mickey's birthday, so it triggers the idea. At any rate, the upshot of that is we may or may not be meeting him at Disneyland after Universal Studios tomorrow, but more importantly, we ended up on the phone for like an hour and a half. I do take responsibility for that, because I could have excused myself at any time, but it doesn't change the fact that now we had an hour and a half of not getting any work done.

But that was okay, because the third thing we didn't count on was that our family wasn't going to be showing up until after our usual bedtime (or rather, our usual "start getting ready for bed" time). And in fact, we did keep working until after nine o'clock, so we almost followed through with our plan to work until they showed up. We did take time out to watch Vinland Saga while our dinner cooked, but that's still a lot of work. We still haven't finished our rough draft of In/Spectre, but we're much closer now! And I'm kind of falling asleep, even though we usually don't actually go to sleep for another hour. It's all the brain work, I guess.

Today I'm thankful for getting a good chunk of work done, not having to worry about simulpubs during all our socialness, having more time to hang out with Page, getting the text from Mom to know they're getting closer, and getting to go to Universal Studios tomorrow.
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