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Long day

Whew, today was rough. It was our own fault for not working longer yesterday or the day before, and it definitely could have been worse, so we're grateful for that. But we did end up working after dinner, which is not ideal. It was really hard, because it was just about dinnertime, and we were so close to finishing our edit, when one of the last things on the very last page involved mystery pop culture references...from twenty years ago. That was a very trying twenty minutes.

Eventually, we gave up and asked for help, but nobody could find anything, so we went and had dinner...and by the time we came back, lyschan had found the right answer. Tadah! Her Google Fu can be very strong indeed. But we still had to do a final read-through before we could turn the translation in, and we did end up making more than cosmetic changes, so that was a good thing. And reading it over again, we think the whole thing turned out pretty good! And that's important, because it's Noragami and we love Noragami and want to make sure it's done right.

By the time we were done, we only had enough time to get caught up on Perfect Harmony and Fire Force before bedtime...but it's Friday, so we watched Miraculous anyway. And now we are going to have some candy and go to bed.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our Noragami translation (aaaahhh!!!!), getting all caught up on our TV shows, lys finding that pop culture reference, Page letting me have my chair back, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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