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Our whole world has turned upside-down. We...may have decided to watch three episodes of Miraculous tonight...but you guys!! We were watching Copycat for the ninth time (it's our eighth time on the series as a whole, but I'm pretty sure we watched Copycat an extra time because of Double Cat Noir), and in the last scene, we noticed that Nino wasn't wearing his hat. But Nino wears his hat all the time, to the point where it's almost disorienting to see him not wearing a hat, so he showed up and we were like, "Whoa, where's his hat!?"

But you guys, we've seen this episode nine times now. Why did we never notice his hat being gone until this time? It doesn't make any sense!! Like, in the Chameleon episode, he loses his hat, and you see him with it off, and Alya's trying to console him and tell him he looks fine without it, and I'm like, "It does look a little weird..." but not because it looks bad, just because it's SO disorienting to see him without it. Which is why, even if I never noticed it before the Chameleon episode (season three), surely I would have noticed it when we started watching from the beginning the seventh time, after we'd seen season three six times. Wouldn't I?

I don't even know! I'm convinced they had to have changed it since the last time we'd watched it, but I'm also convinced they wouldn't have changed it because they would have had no reason to! ...Or would they? I don't know what's going on behind the scenes! All we know is that the French captions still do not match the spoken French dialogue.

In the meantime, we're still plugging away at Noragami. Looks like our schedule's gotten a little shaken up, but this time for the better. There are so many things going on right now, it's very hard to keep track. But we learned about work-life balance in the self-reliance course, and there was a talk by Elder Bednar about how when you're at work you should be present at work, and when you're at home, you should be present at home. After dinner, we are officially "at home," and in order to be present...we watch Miraculous. It's our family time.

Oh! And we ordered Pokemon Shield!! But we like to have the hard copies, so we probably won't get to play it on its release date tomorrow. But that's okay, because we don't know anybody else who will be playing it (except probably our brother-in-law who we only talk to at family get-togethers), so it will be easy not to be distracted by reminders of it.

Today I'm thankful for having time to watch Miraculous, finishing our work quota (sort of) with enough time to play Ring Fit Adventure, being done with all the squats (for today), always having something new to discover when watching Miraculous, and getting to work on Noragami.
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