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I can't even anymore. Today was a pretty good day, actually. We went to the Disneyland Office, and Peter Pan yelled at us for working at Disneyland. We had found a spot on the parade route because we liked the Christmas parade before they made it suuuuuuper sloooooooow, and about an hour before it started, since there were a bunch of people there, Peter Pan came by with Captain Hook, pulled a bunch of people out of the crowd, and made them act out the story of Cinderella. It was a good time.

We got to see the flag retreat, but not Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, alas. But that's okay, because it was a beautiful day, and people liked our Sailor Moon t-shirts, and we came home and had dinner and watched Miraculous. And then we got to our emails and had to write long explanations of why we made certain translation choices. It happens sometimes that editors will include us on emails with lists of corrections. We usually ignore them, with a "we turned it in, it's out of our hands" kind of attitude, especially because once we start looking at the corrections, we revert to our old opinionated selves...

But anyway, this time we were asked for our thoughts, so we gave them. And it took a long time, and now I'm tired and we're up past our bedtime and we're supposed to be working on Noragami this week, you guys, so why are you distracting us with these notes argh? And I may be a little grumpy because of the aforementioned being past our bedtime. Let's just think about Adrien... Aaahhh...♥

Today I'm thankful for another lovely day at the Disneyland Office, getting to see a super cool hawk flying over Fantasyland, getting to see the flag retreat, getting to go on Casey, Jr., and getting almost walk on to It's A Small World Holiday because our fastpasses were active as soon as we got them.
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