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Our schedule is full of surprises

Well today turned out to be busier than expected. ...Or maybe the same amount of busy, just in a much different direction. The original plan was to attempt to finish editing two whole chapters of Saint Young Men. At the rate we normally go, we could maaaaaaybe finish a chapter and a half in a regular workday, but we were prepared to work overtime, because our schedule kind of demands it.

Turns out, it demands it even more, and we could have seen it coming if we'd been paying attention last week. Because this week, instead of two simulpubs, it turns out we have three! Tadah! And actually, that was a point of uncertainty in this week's schedule, because we were hoping to take Noragami to the Disneyland Office tomorrow, but since the simulpubs often hit on Tuesday, so we weren't entirely sure how we wanted to deal with that. Well, they came a day early! So we don't have to worry about that anymore, but we did end up translating three simulpub chapters today, and made maybe about 7% of our desired Saint Young Men quota.

But our plans for tomorrow remain unchanged. If there's any series that needs to be taken to the Disneyland office, it's Noragami, and we kinda want to go sooner rather than later...especially because Noragami is due on Friday and we haven't started it yet. Saint Young Men is due on Monday (Japan time), but we started it sooner because we were hoping that if we did it in smaller portions it wouldn't kill our morale as much. There's still an ever so slight possibility that we'll manage to get them both in on time, but starting tomorrow, we'll focus on Noragami and see how it looks. If it's going to take too long, we'll be asking for more time on Saint Young Men. And hopefully we won't sap all our brain power for when we need to get to work on In/Spectre next week.

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on three super fun chapters, making more than zero progress on Saint Young Men, getting to work on Noragami(!!!!) tomorrow, reminders that God loves me, and having time to relax and read manga.
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