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Nova update

This just goes to show how completely absorbed I get into manga and stuff, and how out of touch with my real life I am. I totally meant to post about this yesterday, but I was distracted by Saiyuki.

Anyway, we were just about ready to call the Nova Group to see what was going on with Athena's application. We put it off because we weren't sure if it would be more proper for me to call, since I had already talked to them and stuff, or for Athena to call since it was her application. But then if it didn't go through, it seems kind of weird to call to say, "Um, yeah, I sent in an application... did you get it...?" So it was all very stressful. Except on Tuesday, because I was sick, and therefore we had an excuse to not worry about it.

So yesterday we both woke up freaking out because I had to confirm that I could go to the interview by Friday, but we still hadn't heard back about Athena, so we were going to have to take care of it and all that stuff, but then we checked Athena's email, and there was her invitation to an interview. So now we both have an interview scheduled for March 17th, and Celeste just got confirmation that the business-y type clothes she ordered for us have been sent, so hopefully we'll be able to get everything else we need taken care of before then.

And that's the Nova update.
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