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We did end up working today, but thankfully, we only had to work for one CD to make up for the work quota we didn't finish yesterday. But first, because we tend to be in denial about everything, we thought we'd check out a new show, and this time the one we chose was Netflix's new "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?"

...We didn't really like it. I think it was mostly a vibe thing; it felt kind of lifeless to us somehow. But it may be that there's an attitude behind the whole premise that is displayed when the teacher that hated Black Sheep says, "Are you accusing a VILE instructor of cheating!?" Let's just think about those words for a second, shall we? Even if you don't know that VILE is a school that teaches people to steal things, I think most people who know the meaning of the word vile would think it's actually a pretty fair assumption to make, and yet this teacher asks the question as if it's horribly unthinkable. ...I don't know, maybe if we'd watched part two of the pilot, we'd know that the irony was not lost on the show's creators after all. But despite all the fun accents, it just didn't hold our attention long enough to want to watch more.

Later, we decided to try again with animated entertainment that we hadn't seen a billion times. Recently, I remembered that An American Tail is a thing, and since we hadn't seen it recently enough for me to remember anything about it, we decided it was time to watch it again. I think maybe also watching Book of Life last week had gotten my expectations up when it came to non-Disney movies. What I forgot is that times change, and there was a reason that we only liked Disney movies way back when...which is to say, we didn't really like that movie, either. It did make me want to watch The Great Mouse Detective again, though.

We were a little grumpy after that, so we watched Miraculous to cheer ourselves up. (Who am I kidding? We all know we were fully intending to watch an episode of Miraculous anyway. In fact, it's why we chose to watch An American Tail, which is about an hour and a half, instead of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which is about two hours long. That half hour is what gave us time for Miraculous without staying up late--the Primary Program is tomorrow, and we need to be in tip-top shape! ...Or the closest thing we can get to it these days, anyway.) One of these days, we'll get the second half of season three, and it will be a joyous day indeed.

Today I'm thankful for getting to try some new (and old but new because it's so old) animated entertainment, finishing our work quota, having the money to go grocery shopping, our friend being kind enough to print out the choir music we wanted to bring to church tomorrow, and getting to watch Gamer 2.0 again.
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