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Saint Young Men: One, Us: Zero

Nnnngh, work totally destroyed us today. We knew we'd have to work overtime to meet our desired quota, but we worked overtime and didn't even get that far! Aaaaaaaaagh...

The problem was there was this one thing we needed to research, but we couldn't find corroboration anywhere! So we spent over an hour on just this one thing, and on a series like Saint Young Men, where we have to constantly take time out to look things up, an hour on one thing is a serious setback. ...Of course, it's always the series that involve multiple research trips that end up having the things that are so obscure you can't find them with a simple Google search, which is why they end up taking so forever, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating.

And what it all boils down to is that we had to forgo Ring Fit Adventure today, because we didn't have time. Well, we were thinking maybe we needed to take a break from physical exertion anyway, so fine! We did stop working at dinnertime, though, because we had to for our sanity.

On the bright side, we got to finish Part 1 of Rave Master. Hiro Mashima's work is probably what a lot of people would call "popcorn fare," but it's still pretty good at getting us right in the feels, so we like it. We're also noticing a lot of story and visual elements that we've seen in Kingdom Hearts, and since Rave Master came first, we're wondering how big a fan is Tetsuya Nomura?

We also got to watch Perfect Harmony, which had a great solo from Dwayne! And we got to watch the latest episode of Fire Force, which had exactly one instance of Lisa calling Vulcan "Val" instead of Vul. It's the little things.

And that reminds us, we wanted to go back and look at our script for that stuff! Off we go!

Today I'm thankful for getting as much work done as we did, getting to finish the first part of Rave Master, getting to watch our shows, getting to watch Oblivio again, and getting to sleep in tomorrow (but we should probably work, too).
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