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More tired than I think?

Our allergies are being pretty persistent. We think this can either be attributed to our still being surrounded by allergens (cat dander...), or something (like fatigue) throwing off our homeostasis. I mean, if allergies are over-sensitivities, and you tend to be overly sensitive to everything when you're tired, it stands to reason that we're just too tired. And it's a little frustrating, because on the one hand, I don't feel all that tired, but on the other hand, I am kinda tired.

We've been trying to take things easy with work, and I thought we'd been succeeding, but maybe we never fully recovered from the one exhausting Disneyland trip. When we went to the play in the middle of that one Disneyland trip, it was colder than usual, and I ended up shivering a lot, so it's possible my homeostasis went down enough that I caught a cold or something, which would have required more rest than just taking it a little easy at work if I wanted to recover from it in a timely manner. And then we got Ring Fit Adventure, so we've been pushing ourselves more physically...

So basically what I'm saying is, I think we might have to take a break from Ring Fit Adventure, and that makes me sad, because I like it. Maybe we could just do one mission instead of waiting for the game to ask us to take a break...

The scary thing is we're coming up on some pretty intense deadlines, so "taking it easy at work" is going to have to not be quite as much of a thing. Maybe we can just rest a lot over the weekend... Hmmmmmmm... We'll figure it out. Maybe the solution to actually take a nap on Sunday. Hrm.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play Ring Fit Adventure, Page leaning against her cat bed in a super cute way, the apartment inspections going quickly, getting to work on Kingdom Hearts manga today, and having some candy to go eat.
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