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We have developed a theory that, with the launch of Disney+ on the horizon, Netflix is holding on to the latest batch of Miraculous episodes until their rival's service goes live, as a way to hang on to subscribers at least a little longer. On the one hand, I'm kind of like, "Don't be silly, just because you love the show to itty bitty bits doesn't mean it's important enough to Netflix that they'd use it as a bargaining chip like that!" But on the other hand, we also know it's good enough to have won awards, and consistently gets high ratings in the four- to eleven-year-old demographic. And they're the ones whose parents are going to be really looking into Disney+.

Of course we're still checking every day, just in case, and because we gotta watch at least an episode. I think at this point I'm just hoping Netflix doesn't wait too much longer than that.

In the meantime, we're still doing our self-reliance course thingie. This time, the lesson was on living a balanced life...and starting a budget. The second part is going to be tough for us, because our income is so variable...and the first part is hard, too, for the same reason! It was kind of a comforting lesson, reminding us that we don't need to run faster than we're able and that it's important to stop working and relax. But then it was like, "Consider what you can remove from your schedule to live a more balanced life," and we were like, "Uhhhhh..."

But we have been working on it! In fact, that was one of our goals with Ring Fit Adventure. Ideally, while one of us is exercising (already giving us a little balance!), the other one will be pursuing something else that is worthwhile. So far, I've spent most of that time practicing the accompaniment for the song that's going to be performed in sacrament meeting in two weeks. I'm getting to a point where I can almost play it without mistakes!

We also took a minute to consider what helps us feel the most relaxed, and lately it's been just sitting and reading. So we spent a good chunk of the evening reading more Rave Master. There's an important number in it that also comes up in Edens Zero, so we're really hoping we learn the significance of it before we start having to buy volumes, because we haven't made our budget yet, so we don't know if we can fit it in. ...If it's cheaper, maybe we'll get the new Japanese omnibuses on Book Walker. Then we can read it in Japanese!

Today I'm thankful for reminders that it's not just okay but important to relax, getting a good lug workout in Ring Fit Adventure, managing to hold the tree pose the whole time it asked me to, getting to read a lot of Rave Master, and getting to watch some Miraculous.
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