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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is pretty much over for us now. We had two groups of trick-or-treaters, one with two kids and one with three. We were very happy that both groups new to say "trick or treat." But we only got a little bag of candy, and we kind of already ate some of it because we needed a quick calorie boost the other day. So after the second group of kids, we only had two mini Snickers left, and now we have most of our lights off to discourage any more kids from trying.

As for us, we spent the evening watching Miraculous. We've now made it through the entire series seven times, and tomorrow we'll see if our prediction about the new batch of episodes is correct. We're prepared to watch the whole set if we can! And if there aren't new episodes...well, we'll figure out something else to do.

I think I wanted to say some things about our Disneyland trip from this week, but all the fatigue seems to have resulted in my brain deciding it didn't need to store that information in an easily accessible file. But I do remember that we got to see Donald! Very briefly. ...There was probably more than one Donald sighting, but this one is important(?).

We all agreed that one of the fun things to do this time of year is to see all the costumes everybody wears to the Halloween party, and we did see some good ones. The best ones I remember from this time were two guys going as Kuzco and Kronk. We've seen a decent amount of Emperor's New Groove cosplay, but the one guy was by far the best Kuzco we've ever seen.

Well, the problem is, we didn't agree quite as much with Gaston when we ended up standing around on Buena Vista Street for who knows how long, just kind of staring around aimlessly. There wasn't a whole lot else to do there, since they were making the switch from regular park hours to Halloween Party, and we didn't have wristbands, so we were basically just waiting until a cast member came along and asked us to leave, and the costumes were getting less interesting. They did even start the party without throwing all the regular guests out, which made for a nice diversion for Gaston, since they started projecting images on the Carthay Circle. (Athena and I thought they were kind of boring.)

But now that the part had officially started, it was time for the Halloween Party characters to come out and go to their various meet and greet stations. And this included Donald his Kingdom Hearts costume. Tadah! Now we finally know what the Halloween Party map meant when it was talking about Kingdom Hearts characters. ...Although I suppose there's still a very slight possibility his shift change would have been with Sora instead of Goofy. Maybe Mickey. At any rate, I did manage to get a picture of him before he crossed the partygoers-only line.

And I think that's the main thing I needed to talk about. If I remember anything else, maybe I'll post about it then. Today I'm thankful for getting a few trick-or-treaters, having enough candy for all of them, getting to watch all the Miraculous episodes we wanted to watch tonight, also having time to get caught up with Chihayafuru (what's the big idea, releasing two episodes at once when they're not even the premiere and we're behind on things?), and getting to see the official Disneyland version of the Kingdom Hearts Donald Duck costume.
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