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Another choir performance

Today was the choir performance! Tadah! It went really well. After last week's practice, we were a little worried, but at rehearsal this morning, everybody was on point. Then at the last minute, like right before sacrament meeting started and I was already playing prelude music, we had someone come along to join, which would have been not quite so alarming if she hadn't missed the last two rehearsals. But we're not really at a point in our choir where we can turn people away. Like, we have so few members we don't want to alienate anyone, and we haven't been at it long enough to know she would be welcome in the future, etc. etc. So we let her join in, and now there was a much bigger element of mystery to how it was going to turn out. And we kept prayers in our hearts.

For my part, I...actually did not get a good read on how the performance went. Why? Because the air conditioning picked up right in the middle of the song, and my lightweight sheet music was teetering on the edge of being blown of my music stand. Since I'm the only one with my part (the accompaniment), that's a pretty dangerous situation. When it first started happening, I let one of my hands stop playing long enough to try to get the music back in place, but immediately after, I remembered what happened to the guy in the Bible who tried to steady the ark of the covenant. I mean, obviously I didn't think I would be struck dead or anything, but it helped me remember that my job is to play the piano, and if I just stick to that, the Lord will steady the ark and/or sheet music. I admit it was tense.

On the bright side, it took my mind off of Studio C sketches. Because during rehearsal, the choir was singing so beautiful and I was getting all teary-eyed, and thinking about how much I love choir music, like in Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at Disneyland, and oh yeah, Studio C did that sketch with the guy heckling Mr. Lincoln and oh my gosh you guys, no Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln is not just a place to dry off after Splash Mountain it's ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PARK!, and it's highly air-conditioned (the cast members there wear three-piece suits), so it's not warm enough to dry off anyway, and etc. etc. I caught my mind wandering and just barely managed to rein it in, but then we went over the song again, and I was like, "Oh, this is so beautiful, I love choir music, and remember last time I was playing this and I started thinking about..." It was a vicious cycle. So perhaps the heavy air conditioning was a blessing in disguise.

And I found out how well the choir did after church when multiple people made it a point to stop us in the halls and comment on how beautiful it was. The song was "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" by Sally Deford, for anyone who's wondering. Her website has a couple of two-part choral arrangements, and we did one of those.

After that, it was time to practice for the Primary program, which we'll be doing in two weeks. It's kind of a busy month for us church-wise. The week after the Primary program, I'll be accompanying our star soprano in a solo, and the accompaniment is pretty tricky for me, so I'm going to need a lot of practice. It's a good thing I still have three weeks.

Today I'm thankful for everyone who came to choir practice this morning, the choir singing beautifully in sacrament meeting, my sheet music staying on the music stand, getting to see a flock of storks (we think) on the way home from church (they were flying in a V formation, and they had extra long beaks), and Page once again being super adorable in her hooded cat bed.
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