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Oh man, today was a busy Saturday. Days tend to get even busier when there are ward parties to go to, and we had to do laundry. But we managed to get it all done, and we even got into costume before our ride showed up. We couldn't quite decide what we wanted to dress as, and eventually we decided to wear our Si and Am costumes...but then we couldn't find the satin gloves. On the bright side, I did find some Indiana Jones Temple of the Forbidden Eye decoder cards, which will make a handy visual aid for the translation blog we want to do. I know I said before we were going to use an Aurebesh sign, but I realized there's an inscription on the wall in the Temple of Mara that would be much easier to translate into Japanese.

But anyway. We had about ten minutes to get into costume, so we went with Kingdom Hearts Chip and Dale. And it wasn't until we were hanging out with people at a trunk during trunk-or-treating that we realized the perfect trunk-or-treat idea would be to decorate the car like a Gummi Ship and hand out all gummy candies, a la Haribo and Trolli. We're just upset with ourselves for not coming up with it sooner. I mean, it's not like we can do it anyway, since we don't have a car, but we can make it happen somehow! ...Just not this year.

The party was a lot of fun. It was a combined party with Third Ward, and one of the grownups from that ward was dressed as a chimney sweep a la Mary Poppins, and he grabbed us at one point and started, "Nowhere is there a more 'appier crew, then them what sings..." and I'm a little bummed out that I didn't get the exact line immediately, but we did start over from the beginning, and we did much better. It was fun. Then we talked about accents. He's better at Irish than English, and I'm not even brave enough to try one.

And then we came home and watched Miraculous, which is news to no one.

Today I'm thankful for getting everything done that we needed to get done, having time to do a little big of Ring Fit adventuring, having a great time at the party, having a really cool trunk-or-treat idea, and having lots of candy to look forward to eating.
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