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Well, we finished our work for today, and we had planned to take it a little easy and work on a side project next week...a side project that's actually not for us, and might turn out to be very time consuming, so we'll probably work on it next week anyway. But! we also heard from our managing editor about deadlines for the newest volumes of In/Spectre and Noragami! This is exciting in the happy way as well as the Bambi way. It's really great that both of those series are popular enough that they want them really fast, but it does fill up our schedule super fast. Nevertheless, I remember where we are in Noragami and I'm really happy to get more of it.

In the meantime, today was the latest episode of Fire Force! It's kind of funny, because every week, we'll read the Anime News Network reviews where the reviewer will complain about the series, and we'll be like, "That's just because you're not paying attention!" or something defensive like that, but sometimes we'll watch it ourselves and be like, "Ehhhh..." This week was one of those times.

Part of it was because of the ANN reviewer was like, "That flashback about Konro and Benimaru was so pointless," and we were like, "It was if you think it was just there to explain Konro's tephrosis, which it wasn't. It was an important part of Benimaru's character development, to show us that he feels unqualified to be a leader and guilty about how he got the position." We were also like, "You'll see. They'll be at the top of the fire tower, and one of the Asakusa guys will call out to Konro looking for guidance, and Benimaru will be all, 'See? You're the one they look to," and the guy will be all, 'Because we need to find Beni!'" It's one of my favorite Asakusa scenes. Only they cut it out of the anime. I don't know why. But now Ohkubo-sensei's going to get all the flak for bad storytelling while the director gets all the praise for awesome battle sequences.

At least they let Hinata and Hikage use their powers so hopefully the reviewer will stop being like, "And they still haven't explained what those twins are doing there!" Actually, the blue obis should have given it away...

Gah, and here I am faultfinding again. Let's talk about something nicer. The missionaries came to visit today! They were in the area and saw that we lived here, and only one of them knew who we were, so I guess they stopped by to prove to the other one that we're active. Or to be nice and do service, which is really why they visit most people. Well, that and to share the gospel, of course. We chatted for a little while. I felt a little bad for them, because it was about ninety degrees outside. Those missionaries sure endure a lot.

We also got a phone call from Dad. He said something he was looking at indicated that pretty much all of southern California is on fire right now, so we think he was calling to make sure we were okay. I also think he's trying to make an effort to be more connected, which is nice. Our whole family can be pretty bad at staying in touch, but I think we've all come to the realization that it's time to change that. But we're doing it very very slowly because we're all intimidated by the idea of communicating with people. Baby steps, I guess.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see a shiny new episode of Fire Force, having a nice visit from the missionaries, have a nice chat with Dad, knowing that the new episode of Fire Force will have Vulcan(♥♥♥), and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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