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Ahem. Sorry. Now that that's out of the way...

So, based on crazy superstitions (of which I am full), I kind of decided that our getting of new books for work was dependent upon our completing Saiyuki Reload 6, so we've been working on that. That, and dude, this volume is frickin' awesome. I keep forgetting how much I love these guys. Gaiden doesn't really help, since they're all different characters (well, as Minekura-sensei says, Goku is the same but he's a lot younger, so it's different). We would definitely love to hear the CD drama of this volume.

And that was probably the worst place to end a volume that we've had in Saiyuki so far. Or did they all die at the end of volume 8 of non-Reload? I don't remember. But killing Goku is not cool, man. Not cool.

And the way he was killed! Right after that scene! Aaaahhhh!! I mean, it's not like he's really dead, but man.

Kazuya Minekura had said in her weblog that volume 7 is where things will get really bad for Sanzo Ikkou, and that 6 was like the calm before the storm. She didn't say that the storm hits right at the end of the volume! I can't help but wonder if the apology in the insert is not so much that nothing happens in volume 6 (that fight with Zakuro was one of the awesomest things ever) but that it ends so badly. She can't very well apologize at the beginning with a giant spoiler like that, after all.

That was one of the happiest scenes we had ever read. Hakkai telling Gojyo what kind of woman he wants to marry. And soooo cute! I love that he wants a big family. It just fits so well with him being a teacher and stuff. It's kind of interesting that Kazuya Minekura had that scene, because in the interview that came with the first volume of Reload, she specifically chose not to tell us what kind of a girl Hakkai likes. Maybe because she doesn't think her readers are the type to want to have lots of kids. But now we have proof that, even if Hakkai is in love with Gojyo, he does at least want to marry a woman.

The book also had a flier for the Gunlock vocal albums that'll be coming out. We knew (because we saw it at the Animate site) that Goku and Kougaiji would have a duet (eeee!!!), but we didn't know that Gojyo and Dokugakuji will have a duet! That's another one of the cutest things ever! So much cuteness associated with this volume of Saiyuki. And I'm sure the members of Sanzo Ikkou would be thrilled to learn how adorable I think they are. But that chapter with Zakuro. Too cute.

Today I'm thankful for having a Mimsy in my lap, adorable Goku scenes, adorable Hakkai scenes, reassurance from Hakkai himself that he's not completely gay, and the hope that it won't be too long before we see volume 7.
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