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Questions I never knew I had

Sometimes you click on a link and end up reading a really long rant about Harry Potter. We signed up for Quora a little while back. I don't remember why, but the upshot is now we get emails with questions and answers we might be interested in reading. From what I can tell they send us things from basically whenever, so some of these things are years old by the time we even know they exist. Anyway, tonight there was an email with a question about the darkest thing in Harry Potter that tends to get overlooked, and the answer was a very long explanation of why all the people who say the Dursleys "didn't really abuse him" are very very wrong. As for me, I just realized I never really thought that much about it, because all the Dursley stuff happens at the beginning of the books, and then a lot of other stuff happens after that.

Anyway. Today was fairly uneventful, but it was nice. We got our work done, did our Ring Fit adventures, had dinner, watched Miraculous. We talked on the phone with family. And we watched Chihayafuru! Wow, it's been so long since we've seen any of that series. Good thing the first episode starts with a very brief recap. It's really good, though. When the episode was over, we were like, "What? It's already been 22 minutes?" Of course, part of that was the lack of an ending sequence, so suddenly the video just stopped playing, and we were like, "Wait, really?"

Other than that, I don't have a lot to say. Today I'm thankful for getting to do all the stuff we needed to do today, getting to talk to Mom and Celeste on the phone, finally finding the last treasure chests in Toy Box and Monstropolis, getting to see new Chihayafuru, and my arm feeling better after whatever I did to it during Ring Fit Adventure.
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