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The adventures continue

Ooohh, we just watched Origins episodes of Miraculous again, and they're just so nice. We're still in the middle of rewatching Season 2, but we're trying to time it so we finish the first half of Season 3 on the last day of October. Not for Halloween, but because we're convinced that the second half of Season 3 will be available on November 1st. I think I already mentioned that. I really hope we're right. If we're not, we'll...figure something else out. Probably after watching Glaciator and Oblivio a few more times.

In other's still the same old thing. Oh! But Seven Seas announced My Senpai Is Annoying, so we can tell everybody we translate it now. We would have dropped the "my" from the title, but it's not our call. It's a super cute series, and I definitely recommend it!

We're still plugging away on Ring Fit Adventure. I think I'm feeling less dead now that I've done another workout. The game really is concerned about your health, though, because I'm in the second world, and there are four levels, and I was getting pretty tired after the third one, but I wanted to check because maybe the fourth one was really short, since it was the boss. But after I finished the third one, the game said, "Hey, it's important to take breaks. You wanna call it a day?" and I was like, "If you're suggesting it, let's do it." So I went straight to the cool down without having to pull up the menu or anything.

We're also still doing the self-reliance classes I mentioned last week! One of the assignments we're supposed to do this week is share one of the scriptures they listed. I don't remember the exact quotes, because I was never much of a memorizer (which is to say, I can memorize lines, but I don't usually see the point if I remember the important parts). But the theme this week is faith in Jesus Christ, and I can definitely retell the story of Lehi and the Liahona.

See, the Book of Mormon starts out when a man named Lehi has a vision where the Lord tells him to leave Jerusalem because all the people are too wicked and refuse to repent, so the city is going to be destroyed. So he takes his family into the wilderness on a journey to find the promised land. At one point in the journey, Lehi leaves his tent in the morning and sees a ball of curious workmanship. It's called the Liahona, and it has two spindles in it that tell him and his family where to go. Later, they find out that it works based on their faith and obedience. If they have faith in the Lord and do what He says, the compass works. If they decide they know better and try to do their own thing, the compass stops working. That's kind of how it is in life, too, although we usually don't get anything that points the way as clearly as a compass does. The point is, when we're doing what we know is right, the Lord will inspire us and help us to keep going on the right path. It may be hard, but things generally work out. But if we decide we know better, or lose hope and stop trying, things stop working out.

And there you have it! I always did like the stories about Lehi's family.

Today I'm thankful for surviving more Ring Fit Adventure, getting all of our work done for the day, getting to rewatch the Origins episodes of Miraculous, the guidance I've received that's helped me to make it to where I am today, and Page being willing to start using her cat bed again.
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