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The soreness from our Ring Fit Adventure is serious business, you guys. I've been limping around all day, because somehow I managed to incapacitate my left leg. It's actually not so bad if I stand up for a while and then walk around, but we're tired so we do a lot of sitting. And then we get up to get water or food or whatever, and I feel like I have a peg leg or something, because my left leg is so stiff and sore. Then there was choir practice, where there I was, happily playing the accompaniment, when suddenly, right as the interlude finished building to the third verse, it felt like a giant clamp was squeezing me right around the ribs.

But we took the day off today, and we'll sleep tonight, and hopefully we'll have enough energy to do another workout tomorrow. The game is very solicitous of our health, and tells you to take a break if you're too sore, but I also know that when you start exercising, you're just going to be sore for the second day, and really the best way to fix it is to exercise again. On the other hand, there is such a thing as overdoing it, so if the workouts are too painful, we will be sure to immediately cool down and stop.

In the meantime, Page has been following us around everywhere, and it's adorable. Also, word is all our nieces and nephews had their Primary programs today (we'll be doing ours next month). Sarah says the highlight from her ward's program was Hagger's impromptu air guitar solo at the end of "He Sent His Son." Kinda bummed out we missed it, but I'm sure it's at least as cute in my imagination.

We were planning to go to bed early again today, but then we started watching another season of Relative Race, and one episode isn't enough, I guess. So now we're going to bed just a liiiiittle bit early.

Today I'm thankful for managing to get around despite our sore muscles, the members of the choir being patient with us, getting to watch some more Relative Race, knowing that Page (probably) enjoys our company, and remembering to put all our perishables in the refrigerator/freezer yesterday.
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