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These last few days have been way too exhausting. We did bring it upon ourselves for the most part, but dang. So on Thursday, Gaston showed up and we went to Disneyland for a while. For some reason, we mostly just wandered around, but it was a Halloween party day at California Adventure, so we got to see a bunch of the attendees in their costumes. There was a little girl dressed as Ladybug! And there was a big group dressed as characters from Atlantis, and their costumes were really good.

We left the parks early that day, because Gaston has a friend nearby whose daughter was in a high school play, and Gaston wanted to see the play to support her, and we figured what the heck, we can see it, too, and that was an experience. The play was Sister Act, which was neat, because Alan Menken wrote the music to the Broadway version. To give you an idea of how the production was, during intermission, I asked Gaston's friend's wife how she was enjoying the show, and she said, "Well, [my daughter] is cute, and the kids are trying so hard." And that's pretty much how it went. The show had a lot of heart, you could tell the kids were trying to do a good job, and for the most part they fit their roles very well. They just could have used some more training.

So that was a very interesting day that had us on our feet more than usual and not eating nearly enough, and of course, not sleeping enough. So on Friday we were very tired, but that's okay, because we went back to Disneyland! ...We didn't do that right away; Gaston had some hockeying to do. We kind of had a time range for when he would show up, and instead of attempting productivity in our exhausted state, we mostly just puttered around. By sheer coincidence, we found out that Rave Master is available on Amazon Unlimited, so we decided it was time do a free trial on that, and we read the first two volumes. I practiced the piano a little, because there's a song that our new friend wants to perform, and the original plan was for the performance to be this Sunday. Thankfully, that has changed, because the accompaniment has a couple of my weaknesses, and with all the extra tired going on, I'm glad I didn't have to push myself to practice longer.

We also! tried Ring Fit Adventure!! Was it a good idea to start an exercise game when we were already tired from the previous day and had plans to be on our feet even more? Probably not, but we wanted to check it out, darnit! It's a pretty neat game, and it's always checking on you to make sure you're not overdoing it, but also making suggestions to make it a little harder to build endurance and stuff. We only did the very first level, because by the time we'd calibrated the exercise equipment, that was all we could take.

And we went back to Disneyland. Gaston still likes to go straight to Galaxy's Edge because it's so new and shiny, so that was a lot of fun walking. We went on Smuggler's Run again and had discussions about how none of us really understood why the Sabacc cards are hexagonal, so we ranted about how sci-fi fantasy writers sometimes do things differently just because it's a different world, so of course it's different, and don't seem to realize that, for example, we have rectangular cards because that's the most practical way to make cards. But for all we know, maybe there is a very practical reason for making up a card game that required special hexagonal cards.

And we watched the fireworks, which was the whole reason we were back at Disneyland to begin with. This is the first (and possibly only) year guests can watch the Halloween Screams fireworks show without needing special tickets to Mickey's Halloween Party, and Gaston wanted to take advantage. I have to admit, it's a good fireworks show. I like the rock arrangement of Grim Grinning Ghosts.

Right before the fireworks, we got ice cream, a plan I was originally 1000% on board with because after all the energy expenditures of the previous two days, I figured food was vitally important. But later my digestive system disagreed, so this morning was pretty uncomfortable.

But that's okay! Because after all the exhaustion, and going to the grocery store because we still need to keep a fair supply of food, we decided to play Ring Fit Adventure again! And actually, I think it did help my digestive system to get back in order, but now I hurt everywhere.

We wanted to go through and do the whole first world, not just the first level in it. And we did! And it was great! And I was really tired at the end, but a few minutes later, I was like, "Oooh, I feel like I'm getting stronger!" Of course, that was when I was sitting down. Once I stood up, it was like Toby in Trollhunters: "Everything hurts." Especially my ribcage, interestingly enough.

After dinner, we thought of watching a movie or something, but we only had enough energy to watch a couple episodes of Miraculous...and frankly, we didn't even have that much energy. We had to struggle just a little bit to stay awake. So now it's just a little after eight o'clock, and we are going to bed.

Today I'm thankful for surviving the last three days, getting to see the Halloween Screams fireworks show, getting to try Ring Fit Adventure, not wearing ourselves out to the point of never wanting to see Ring Fit Adventure again, and it being almost time to go to sleep.
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