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Trying to be more self-reliant

Today was a day of sleepies. I don't know if it's low blood sugar or lack of sleep or what. Probably a little of both. We don't know how to take care of ourselves. But we should be getting our exercise game soon!

And speaking of taking care of ourselves. Our financial situation is getting a little ridiculous. It's like we can afford all our expenses, but we're going to need to be paying installments on taxes into eternity if we don't do something about this. Also, our rent's been going up every year, and depending on how much it goes up with our next lease renewal, it might be more than just taxes that we're struggling with. The obvious solution would be to move somewhere with lower rent...and since we're living in southern California, it shouldn't be too hard to find such a place anywhere in the country. But the two problems with that are 1)inertia (moving sucks), and 2)anywhere in the country does not narrow down the options very well. I mean, we have a couple of leads, most notably going back to central California where most of our immediate family lives, but last time we went up there, sure we had fun with family, but there was just a "I don't want to live here" vibe.

So we're thinking we need to take a closer look at our finances and see if we can improve our situation before doing anything drastic. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has some self-reliance courses that are designed to help with exactly that kind of thing. The idea is that you attend weekly classes for three months, and that way you get help and support from a support group kind of situation, but we don't know when they started the last cycle and most of all, we don't drive. And since the manuals for the class are all available on the Gospel Library app, we thought we'd adapt it a little bit and see if we could do it on our own.

So far so good, I think. The first class is an introduction to self-reliance, basically explaining why it's important. I think that sometimes we get this idea that if you're focused on worldly wealth at all, you're being greedy and unrighteous, and that it's much more virtuous to be poor. Especially in our culture today, where we see so much of corporations and their fat cat CEOs exploiting people and nature to make money, we really cling to that "money is the root of all evil" business. Well, the exact quote, I think, is that the love of money is the root of all evil, which means it's okay to have money, but you have to realize that you're the master of it,not the other way around.

Anyway. The point I'm getting at is that one of the main messages of the first lesson in these classes is that we need to have the financial means to take care of ourselves and our families, or we won't be in a position where we can help others. ...Or something. And so these classes are designed to help us be self-reliant, so that we can then be greater forces for good in the world. As for us, I'm hoping they'll help us get to a point where we don't have to worry about moving so soon, but I also realize that in the process, we might just prove to ourselves that no seriously, we need to move. But one of the other main points of the lesson was that if we counsel with the Lord, He will help us know what we need to do. So we go forth with faith.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our two rush simulpubs, finally finding all the information we needed for that one chapter (or at least enough to go on), finally finding the last Hidden Mickey in Olympus, having lots of packages to look forward to this week, and getting to watch an episode of Miraculous.
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