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Apparently it's a new thing for us to spontaneously watch movies from the '70s. Last week, it was Monty Python and the Holy Grail. A friend on the manga industry Discord we go to got the Japanese Blu-ray and wanted to have a watch party featuring the Japanese dub. She was all, "We can do it, like, right now!" and we were like, "No, it's just about our bedtime," and she was like, "Tomorrow?" and we were like, "Why the heck not?" So we watched it! Tadah! And I think our connection and/or our Chromebook didn't like it very much, because it was pretty choppy and sometimes the sound cut out, but it was nostalgic and new all at the same time! The Japanese cast did a great job.

Tonight it was Rocky. It just kept coming up. I mean, first of all, there's Adrien in Miraculous. He has a superfan who likes to scream his name, and it always reminded us of the Rocky parodies we'd seen in Animaniacs and Tiny Toons and whatever other cartoons we watched as kids that had Rocky parodies (quite possibly all of them). Especially when he gets turned into a supervillain with very boxing-glove-like hands, and he runs up some stairs, punches the air, and shouts, "Adrien!" again. We're preeeeeeetty sure it's intentional.

Then it came up in Perfect Harmony. Specifically the reference was to "Eye of the Tiger," which we later found out is actually in Rocky III, a bit of trivia we looked up after watching the movie and realizing hey, we didn't hear that song. They may have said in Perfect Harmony that it was from Rocky III, but we only saw the episode once, and since we hadn't seen any Rocky movies, that detail wasn't important enough to register in our minds.

And finally, when we watched the finale of Relative Race Season 4, it took place in Philadelphia, and started (and ended) right on the steps that were made famous in the first Rocky movie. So there was a fair amount of discussion about Rocky (one team even started talking about Rocky before they knew they would be in Philadelphia for the final challenge), and after all of these shows we really like were referencing Rocky, we figured it was about time we filled this gap in our film education. So tonight, we searched our fancy TV to see if it was available, and sure enough Netflix and several other platforms have it for our viewing pleasure.

We had about two and a half hours, and it was two hours long, so we had time, and I was like, "Can you just watch movies like that?" and Athena was like, "We can..." and we were like, "But is it really what we want to do tonight?" and we knew full well that we'd still have time for an episode of Miraculous, and neither of us was up to coming up with anything else to do (actually, we had several ideas, but making decisions takes effort), so Athena just hit play and we watched it. Tadah!

I think my main takeaway from it is that boxing is an incredibly stupid sport. Rocky himself says you have to be a total moron to want to be a fighter. There were some things I wish had happened, like I wish we'd found out that he gave up the collection job, but overall it was a story about a guy who wanted to believe in himself, so he kept trying and he proved to himself that he's worth something. I think it was a good movie, but I don't think I could watch it over and over. We all have our preferences.

Then we watched Miraculous, and it was the one with zero Cat Noir, so we're a liiittle unfulfilled in that regard, but Adrien was very cute before he got turned into a glitter statue.

Today I'm thankful for having finally seen the classic film Rocky, getting to watch Miraculous as well, work progress picking up, knowing that there's plenty of Miraculous with Adrien and Cat Noir to look forward to later, and getting to have chocolate pie for dessert.
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