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Aaaaaahhh!!! We just watched the Frozer episode of Miraculous again, and it gets me every time. The music is just such a perfect blend of romantic and sad. Le sigh...

But we didn't spend all day watching Miraculous! In fact, we've been working really hard to restrain ourselves...which is actually pretty easy until we start watching, because when we start our day, everything's back to normal, but as soon as we start watching Miraculous, we're like, "This is the only thing I ever need in my life." But anyway, we're trying to hold back on watching it all the time, because we're hope hope hoping that we'll get the second half of season three exactly three months after we got the first half, which means November 1. And if we keep it to just one or two episodes a day, we can finish watching the first half of season three right in time to go on to the next episode when it gets put up on Netflix. ...Of course, if that's not when we get more episodes...we'll probably console ourselves with a Miraculous marathon.

As for what we did with ourselves while not watching Miraculous...well, originally we were planning to do chores, but it turned out we were too tired. I think I may have mentioned this dilemma before. We're not sure if we're too tired because we never fully recovered from burnout, or if we're too tired because we're lazy bums. If the former, we need to keep resting. If the latter, the only way to recover would be to put ourselves to work. But since we don't really know the cause, we don't know the right thing to do. What I do know is that I was starting to get a headache from low calories after we got back from the store and did a couple of very small chores (we'd had a smaller than usual breakfast and lunch), so we stopped to eat, and then we were done.

But anyway! the important thing is that we got an email that somehow reminded us of the existence of DN Angel. We remembered that Yukiru Sugisaki started drawing it again and so we finally checked Amazon Japan to see if there were new volumes out. There was not just one new volume, but two! That just goes to show how slow-moving we can be on this kind of thing. I blame the busyness.

We didn't order them, though, because we're saving our money to get a Nintendo Switch. I forgot to mention this (or did I?), but we saw an ad for Ring-Fit Adventure, and that's what got us. All the tiredness has had us well aware of the fact that we are out of shape, and our attempts to rectify the situation were all thwarted by the fact that we find exercise to be exceedingly boring. (We did like the one trainer on Daily Burn, but sadly, his winning personality was not enough.) Ring-Fit Adventure is a game for Nintendo Switch that is basically like you're typical action RPG, only to do stuff, you have to exercise. Like, to run around the world map, you have to really run (in place). And we thought, "Aha! They've made exercise interesting!" And we had to have it.

But the release date is less than a week away now, and we've been so broke, we haven't been able to order the game, let alone the console to play it on. But lo and behold, we got a paycheck today! Woohoo!! We looked at our records earlier and thought it wouldn't come for another two weeks! And on top of that, we had told Mom about Ring-Fit Adventure, and she decided to buy a copy of the game for everybody. And even though we tried to tell her no, we can buy our own video games, she beat us to it and it's already been ordered. Well, whatever the case, we're getting the game and we have enough money to order a Switch (or we will, when the deposit goes through), so we're very excited about that. Hopefully getting in shape will help us to be less tired even with all the busyness.

But what I've been wanting to talk about (and getting sidetracked from) this whole post is Saiyuki! When we started translating it for Kodansha, there were some parts that had us going, "Wait, who's talking here? If only we could check the anime!" I mean, if the speech pattern isn't unique enough in the Japanese, maybe it doesn't matter, but there are some things where it's easier to make the speech pattern specifically fit so-and-so in English, where it would be more universal in Japanese. So we wished we could check the anime. We have it on DVD, but we can't get to it just now, and we still don't know if the discs melted in the fire so many years ago. We remembered seeing it on Amazon Prime, so we were going to go watch it...but it wasn't there anymore! Boo!!

Well, the DN Angel thing brought us back to our college days, and Saiyuki was a huge part of that, so it reminded us that we'd gotten another email that gave us the hint to check HiDive--the streaming service that has most of Sentai's stuff. So we checked, and there it was! And we weren't sure if we should watch it or go to the store, but it was right there, so we hit play, and it started going, and it was just so amazing and nostalgic that we couldn't say no after that. (Until the episode was over, at which point we reluctantly turned it off, had our small lunch and went to the store.) And oh man, the animation is so oldschool. I mean, obviously there's older animation than that, but it definitely is older than the animation we have now. It's still not as good as the manga, either, but it's really fun to hear the voice actors playing all the parts. And the music is like an oldschool video game, too! It was really nice. And with DN Angel and Saiyuki together, it was kind of like being back in college again. ...That's not necessarily a good thing, but it was nice today.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Saiyuki again, getting a paycheck so we can order a Nintendo Switch, Mom being super nice and buying us Ring-Fit Adventure, reminders to keep an eye out for DN Angel next time we order manga, and getting to watch the Frozer episode of Miraculous.
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