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It's a miracle!

It's scary how real life can imitate cartoons sometimes. According to Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report, a real-life person named Sir Slade is looking for an heir.

So anyway, while we were in the living room, and I was pondering upon the source of my illness, we figured it was probably mostly stress, with perhaps some malnourishment mixed in. So I said something like, "It would be nice if someone would randomly bring us a pizza today." I'm an optimist, so I didn't completely rule it out, but it still seemed pretty unlikely.

Then the phone rang unexpectedly around six-thirty. It was a girl in the ward who lives in the complex across the street from ours, and she was inviting people over for pizza. I was stunned and torn, but I decided it would be best not to be visiting people, because even if it's a kind of weird sick that doesn't feel like real sick, it's still sick and I didn't want to risk infecting other people. Later I realized that we would have been walking over there, and that would have really been a bad idea with my lightheadedness (seriously, it was so bad I couldn't even translate Saiyuki Reload for a while there). But then she said that they could bring some slices over later. It was astounding.

Now if only the pizza wasn't covered in green peppers and sausage. It's the thought that counts, though, and we both really appreciate it.

Oh! I just wanted to point out, since I'm still in Tarzan mode, that one time I was at Disneyland looking at a How to Draw Tarzan book, and it said that Jane has an overbite. You can tell it's there when you watch, but I just think it's really cool that a Disney heroine has imperfect teeth.

Tonight I'm thankful for not-so-random invites to eat pizza, people who are kind enough to put forth so much effort to bring us pizza, Disney's Tarzan, the soundtrack to Disney's Tarzan, and feeling a lot better. And opportunities to use our new Zidane icon.
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