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Another uneventful day

Today was pretty uneventful for us, which is probably a good thing, considering we heard the winds really did start a wildfire near Los Angeles. It's far enough away that we're not really getting any news, so I hope everybody's okay.

As for us, it was a pretty normal day. ...Okay, we might have slacked off kind of a lot. Today's work quota was pretty small, so we didn't bother rushing to finish it, and we let ourselves get distracted with online chatting and whatnot. But we finished it! And we met our deadline! Tadah!

And we still had plenty of time left over to read and watch TV! Fire Force was on a brief hiatus (due to a sporting event, I think), but it's back now, and this week's episode was pretty awesome. Of course, I remembered that as I was writing this post, which reminded me that we wanted to read our translations of that part of the story. We are incorrigible.

And I think that's about it for today. Today I'm thankful for getting our work done, not having to push ourselves, getting to finish Sea of Monsters, getting to start reading volume two of the Buddha manga, and getting to watch all our TV (including Miraculous!). And getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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