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Well, I mentioned a mystery yesterday, so I better tell you all about it now. We thought maybe the mystery was partially solved this morning, but then we realized something that leaves everything still in limbo.

It all started yesterday afternoon, when we signed in to Facebook. When I go to the main page (before logging in), it tells me I have four unread notifications, and I don't know where to go to read them, because they're not the standard "so-and-so reacted to your post," "so-and-so commented on your post," "message from so-and-so," or "friend request from so-and-so" deals, so that red number four just stays there to annoy me, I guess. That definitely a mystery, but not the kind that really makes me care enough to solve it. The bigger mystery happened when the pre-login page told me I had five unread notifications.

I signed in and waited for everything to load, and the red dot showed up in the friend request section. We hadn't met anybody new in real life, so this was curious. I clicked to see who it was from and saw a familiar name, only it wasn't familiar because it was anybody we'd ever talked to. It was familiar because somewhere in the back of my brain I'd registered it as the name of an anime dub voice actor. We Googled the name to be sure, and my memory was correct.

Now, we'd heard stories about predators on social media--random strangers who will send friends requests and kidnap your children for trafficking as soon as you post pictures with the EXIF data (is that the kind of data that tells where the picture was taken?) still attached, for example. People posing as celebrities to groom unsuspecting fangirls, that kind of thing. We're still not sure if this particular actor is a big enough name that people would use said name for such activities, but after the Vic Mignogna scandal, we don't even know anymore.

Still, we're always happy to get to know fellow anime fans, and if it's someone who tracked us down because they like our translations, even better! Of course, we don't know if that's the case right now, but it really seems like the only reason random people from the anime community would send us unexpected Facebook friend requests. At any rate, we decided to confirm the request, making a mental note not to comment on any pictures of our nieces and nephews for a while, just in case.

When we signed on to the Facebook this morning, one of the first things on our feed was a post from our new friend! He was plugging a voice acting workshop featuring him and some other professionals. Aha! The mystery is solved! He's totally legit!

...Or is he? Along with the picture of the promotional art, he had a comment about how everybody running the workshop was really great, except for himself, the charlatan. On the one hand, this could be a nice (or excessive, depending on your point of view) show of humility. On the other hand, it could be a broad-daylight confession that he's not really who he claims to be! You know, like how the fake psychic detective agency in Psych named itself Psych. ...That's a good show.

The other part of the mystery remains to be solved as well. Whether he is who he claims to be or not, we still have to wonder what prompted him to seek us out on Facebook. Did he recently get reminded of our existence, like, because he was in an anime of something we translated the manga of? ("Reminded," she says, like it's a foregone conclusion that he knew about us before. ...I mean, it seems like the most likely scenario. If he'd only come across our translations for the first time, I think it would just be like, "Hey, these translations are pretty [insert extreme adjective here (positive or negative)]. I wonder who did them? Cool, I'll have to remember that," and then he'd go on his merry way. You have to come across a name a few times (or be really obsessed with something they're in, like us and the French voice of Cat Noir) to seek them out.)

Anyway. For now, the Book of Faces connection has been made, and that's about it. Will anything come of it? I dunno.

At any rate, it is a reminder that, if people are interested enough in translation enough to seek out translators, we really should get to work on that translation blog we keep talking about. And then we should advertise it on the social medias. There's even a chance we'll have time to do that in the near future!

Today I'm thankful for mysteries to occupy our brains, making really good time on our Hatsu*Haru edit today, having one new review written (tadah!), getting to watch more of the Brady Bunch today, and Page sharing my chair with me.
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