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It's finally happened.

I'm sick. Way back in spring of 2004, we took a little stress-level quiz thing as part of the HEPE class, and according to our results, 80% or so of people with our stress level (of the time; I really don't know if it's more or less now) get sick in the near future. I managed to stave it off for a long time, unless you count back around Christmas that year when I was trying to get sick so I wouldn't have to work on Christmas and I managed to get a little cold. It wasn't bad enough for me to justify staying home, though. And maybe the quiz didn't really count, because we had both gotten sick semi-recently before taking the quiz.

At any rate, I had been kind of curious to see how sick I would have to be before I made myself lie down. As it turns out, I was asking the wrong question. It's not a matter of how sick, but what kind of sick. Today I've been feeling extremely light-headed, and like I have a rock or something in my stomach. So we took advantage of the time when I couldn't hold myself up at the computer to watch Tarzan, and now I'm actually feeling much better. Maybe it was the fruit drink thingie that's packed with vitamin C that I had after the movie.

It was really nice watching Tarzan. I realized that I can relate to Jane pretty well. She obviously must not have had a whole lot of attachments to London, and she spent a great deal of time studying gorillas and other crazy things that she can't really fully understand unless she goes to a whole other country that's very far away. And then she meets a hot guy and teaches him English, and they live happily ever after. At least, we hope they live happily ever after; lately we've kind of been bitter enough to be like, "Yeah, I give it a week." Athena was a little sad that we're more like Jane, because she's like, "But I want to be Tarzan!" and then she realized that Jane gets Tarzan, and it was all happy. Good stuff. Even if it is remarkably like Hercules meets Pocahontas, with a dash of The Lion King. Still a gorgeous film.

I'm really sad that Disney seems to have given up on classically animated feature films. The strongest evidence to this is that the Disney Insider newsletter interviewed Andreas Deja (famous as the animator for Gaston, Jafar, Scar, and Hercules♥) for the release of the Bambi II DVD.

Our strategy to counteract this trend is to write a bestselling novel, and then when everybody wants to make a movie of it, we only agree to sell the rights to whomever agrees to make it into a classically animated feature film.

And now I want to play Kingdom Hearts. Sad.
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