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We took the day off today! And after we had breakfast and finished our morning routine and everything, we were kind of like, "Okay, now what?" We were not prepared for this day off, it turns out. We told Mom about it, and she was like, "I never have that problem," and I was like, "Yeah, we just spend so much time working that when we're not working, we don't know what to do with ourselves." And her analysis is that it's because we don't have any hobbies, because we do our hobby for our job. She may be partially right.

The other problem is generally our go-to activity these days is to watch Miraculous, and for some reason we didn't think we should just do that all day. Much as we adore Miraculous, we're thinking we'd be missing the point of the whole thing (to encourage kids to go out and be good people) if all we did was sit in front of the TV all day. We're still not so good with the "going out" part of things, but! we did use a small amount of time to do something productive! (In addition to finally getting some chores done.)

I think I mentioned that we want to start a translation blog that basically gives walkthroughs of how the process works. Well, today we finally got started on the first one. I say "got started" instead of "wrote," because...well, because we didn't finish, as I'm sure you figured out. It was my own fault. For the first post, I wanted to give a demonstration of how translation can't really work like a mirror. So we have one of the Aurebesh inscriptions from Star Wars Land, and we demonstrate "translating" it into English. And now we want to demonstrate translating the same sentences from Japanese into English...but that requires us to have Japanese versions of those sentences, and we realize that, as non-native speakers, we don't actually know what the most natural Japanese versions of those sentences would be. So we got befuddled and then it was dinnertime.

But! we finally got started! And we think we want to have a good backlog before we go live with this thing, so we can write some other posts while we try to figure out this Japanese thing.

In the meantime, when we did finally get to Miraculous, we watched the Christmas special with French captions, and that was a lot of fun! We are definitely language geeks.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting started (even if just a little tiny bit) on this blog we keep wanting to write, getting some chores done, getting to take it easy today, getting to watch Miraculous with French captions (I'm pretty sure Athena understood way more of it than I did, but we've seen it like seven times now, so I wasn't exactly lost), and having some muddy buddies to eat before we go to bed.
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