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It's been a really nice day today. The two remaining sessions of General Conference were great. I had it in my head for a while that the best Conference sessions are on Saturday, so I sometimes have a hard time looking forward to Conference Sundays, but today was so, so good. I think the main takeaway I have from this whole Conference was that we can't just cruise along and assume everything is fine. We have to intentionally put in effort to do better and be better, because there are always areas we can improve in.

Between the sessions, we realized we had a whole big chunk of time to kill, and we figured we ought to do something that might help our spiritual education, so we started reading Josephus's Antiquities! Tadah! I was a little worried that it would be a major slog to get through, but it turns out ancient historians are pretty to-the-point, and the translation is pretty good, so it's actually pretty fun.

We also! made muddy buddies! WOOHOO!!! We'd been threatening to for months, possibly even years, rotating out our boxes of Corn Chex... We love those chocolate peanut buttery...buddies, I guess? But we also tend to shy away from kitchen work, and we ended up claiming tiredness over and over again. Well, this week, we put it on the schedule! And Athena didn't have to be in charge of anything, which helped, and so we did it! ...And we had to halve the recipe, because we don't have mixing bowls that will hold nine whole cups of Chex. And that part is tragic and sad, but we did get to make half the recipe, and it was delicious, and we still have some left! ...We almost didn't, though, because they're so delicious that we wanted to keep eating even when we started to feel a little sick. But we had the presence of mind to stop after all, which means we can look forward to more later!

And we watched more Relative Race!! I love that that show turns out exactly the way we want it to so frequently. In Season 4, everybody gets to go to Day 9, which means they all get to meet all their relatives (except for the team that had to drop out early)! And day ten is always a lot of fun, but the number one thing we want out of every season is for everyone to get to meet all their relatives, so we're pretty happy about it. We know Season 6 is going on right now, but we're just going to keep watching the backlog until we're caught up. It's just how we like to do things.

Today I'm thankful for two more great sessions of General Conference, having a pretty good time reading Josephus, getting to eat muddy buddies, the super adorable turtle Athena got in her Kinder Joy, and getting to take the day off tomorrow and therefore sleep in.
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