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Made it through another crunch

We did it! We finished Saiyuki on time!! WOOHOO!!! We did have to fight some serious iunwannas, but we did it. And we still had time to watch Perfect Harmony and two episodes of Miraculous. Aaah, it was a good day.

We also filled up our calendar! Ha, ha, ha! We were like, "Whoa, after Saiyuki, October is practically empty!" Except for a volume of Land of the Lustrous, and some DVD booklets for the last anime we translated. But as of today, we also have a deadline for the next My Monster Secret (which we actually had a deadline for back in July, so it's already finished) and a deadline for the next Hatsu*Haru...which is due in a week. Our editor at Yen Press asked if that would be okay, and we were like, "Well, it's Hatsu*Haru, and we don't have anything else that needs desperate attention, so it should be doable." Unless Ayumi hits us with some weird snail science or something like that again.

And...I think that's about it. We just distracted ourselves reading about our tour of Kodansha three years ago. Boy, that was a good time.

And tomorrow is the first day of General Conference! So we should get to sleep! Today I'm thankful for finishing that translation of Saiyuki, getting to watch a new episode of Perfect Harmony, fond memories of an amazing day in Japan, getting to watch the Dark Owl episode of Miraculous, and getting to watch General Conference tomorrow.
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