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Well, it was a pretty ordinary day today. Thankfully, we're still making good time on Saiyuki, so it looks like there's a good chance we'll meet our deadline! ...Good thing, too, because even though we could probably sneak some work in over the weekend, turn it in before Monday morning, and still call it good...General Conference is this weekend, and this time they're doing the women's session, so our Saturday is pretty much booked. Tomorrow we work on the Rikudo stuff, so we're a little worried about the amount of research we're going to have to do, but all we can do is pray and be optimistic.

In the meantime, we have started watching the Brady Bunch. We got it into our heads a while ago that the slang from that time period would be fun to use for Weisz in Edens Zero (we call him Steiner, because that's his first name, but since all the characters call him Weisz, I'm pretty sure that's what everybody calls him...I hope it's not too confusing for the letterer...). Anyway, last night is when we finally started implementing this plan...but it was too late! Steiner has a line in the latest chapter that would have been great to use some old slang for, but since we'd only watched one episode, we hadn't learned anything relevant to the situation yet, alas. But it was pretty fun to hear Marcia say, "This one's a real beaut!" in her cute little young teenager voice.

We also finished The Lightning Thief tonight. The verdict is...we still think Percy is an annoying little twerp. He's also the Gary Stu-iest Gary Stu we've ever seen...which is probably not true, because oh my heck, Gary Stus run rampant in the world of light noveltry. Maybe the real Gary Stu-iest would be the protagonist of Accel World. It's just astounding how even their mistakes turn out to be the exact right thing to do, all the time!

And then we watched Miraculous, and oh how we love that show. It just makes everything better.

Today I'm thankful for still making good time on Saiyuki, the Brady Bunch being available on Amazon Prime, getting to work on another fun chapter of Edens Zero, getting to have more chocolate satin pie tonight, and getting to watch a new episode of Perfect Harmony tomorrow.
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