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Not-so-suppressed rage

Lately I've been getting more and more to a point where I just want to rant at people. This started happening before we watched Perfect Harmony last night, so I assure you, it's not Arthur Cochran's influence. Intellectually, I know that yelling at people is not an effective way to help them, but that almost makes it worse. I also know ranting about it to the internet at large via online journals won't help anyone, either... But the upshot is that now I have a lot of pent-up energy, and not much else to talk about.

Today was a typical Saturday, with a little bit of work tossed in. It was Sailor Moon, so it was pretty fun, but we were a little slowed down by some online chatting we were doing. We're getting to be a little frustrated with the state of the industry. I mean, I know the US manga publishers are doing okay, because we went to Dallas Middaugh's panel at Anime Expo...and that's what makes it so frustrating. The publishers are doing okay, but the freelancers are doing less okay. And from what we hear, the in-house people aren't faring much better. It's sounding like everybody's either overworked, underpaid, or both.

And all the while, we have fans talking about how "at least the scanslators are doing it out of love!" and we're like, "If we didn't love it, would we really stake our livelihood on this nonsense!?" Not that we think manga is nonsense, of course. Just that we think the way things are going right now is a little nonsensical. All we can do is educate people about it, I think. I also think I mentioned that we want to start a translation blog. We're getting more and more frustrated, so we might finally get to the point where we explode into productivity on that front, but the sad irony is that all the burnout from our serious overwork phase has us still pretty much just wanting to watch Miraculous. Also, this coming week still has us a little crunched. But! we may be less crunched after that, so maybe we'll get started then...

In the meantime, we're just watching Miraculous. It's a good thing Ladybug's powers make her super lucky, because she was cutting it awwwfully close in that Puppeteer episode.

Today I'm thankful for Kinder Joy being on sale, being mostly past the major expositiony part of this volume of Sailor Moon, confirming that the baptism we're helping with is tomorrow, getting to watch more Miraculous, and Page making it back inside yesterday. (There was a lot of back and forth with cats in our patio, and we accidentally closed the door without realizing she had gone back outside. We're sorry, Page!)
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