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Today has certainly been interesting. There was a brief panic situation when we realized we were more overdrawn than we thought, but we realized there was nothing we could do about it, so we said a prayer, and vented for a while, and now we're just hoping we don't accidentally bounce a check before we get paid, which hopefully will be this week. And then we worked on Saiyuki Reload, which is somehow much more calming than Saiyuki Gaiden. My current theory is that, with Reload (or even non-Reload, non-Gaiden Saiyuki), even when things get exceedingly angsty (see volume 5), you have Goku to make everything better. With Gaiden, it's all Goku angst, so it's just sad all around. Because when Goku's sad, everyone is sad.

And then we went to Family Home Evening. Since we had been asked to bring refreshments (apparently our calling is to bring refreshments when no one else has been delegated to. or something), we made sure we had something to bring. We felt they were very good cookies, even though they came from the 99cents Only store, and we brought pretzels as usual. But there was one guy who saw the refreshments and decided they weren't good enough, so he went and got new ones.

Now it's one thing to not like the refreshments. But dude, it's FHE. If you want different snacks, you can go home and eat different snacks. It's not like the snacks at FHE are the only thing you can eat on Monday night.

It actually doesn't seem like that big a deal talking about it, but it felt like one. It's been kind of a complex of ours, where we're insecure about FHE refreshments, because 1)we have weird taste, and 2)we have a hard time getting the transportation or the money to get stuff that's not from the 99cents Store. And they're supposed to pay us back for what we spend, but we always take the extras home and eat them, so we feel bad charging for them. It's really hard to describe why it felt like such a blow, but it did.

Fortunately, our anime buddy, who is also the person who drives us to and from FHE, is a very nice person, and agreed that he was a jerk (and confirmed that it's not uncommon for him to be a jerk), and she took us to Coldstone's, thus fulfilling my long-cherished dream of the past year and three months. And since she'll be coming to AX with us, we got to talk about Disneyland on the way home, and that always makes us feel better. So overall summary of the day: capitalism sucks, the drama department is still filled with jerks, but Saiyuki Reload and Disneyland make things better, as do Karin and Rakugo Tennyo Oyui.

Tonight I'm thankful for our anime buddy being kind enough to treat us to Coldstone's, Being able to talk about Disneyland tonight, being able to go to Coldstone's and fulfill my long-cherished dream of the past year and three months, shoulders to cry on, and being able to see the keyboard and type properly when Mimsy's not standing in front of it.
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