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The Dark Crystal

Even though we didn't really enjoy the Dark Crystal movie, we wanted to check out the new Netflix series, so that's what we did today! Tadah! And...we didn't like it. It was kind of frustrating, actually, because on the one hand, at first it felt like it moved faster than the movie. I think my biggest problem with the movie is that it didn't move fast enough. It was focusing on the stunning visuals, which even I really liked, but I still need stuff to happen for my brain to engage. Dialogue is a must.

So the series felt like it moved faster than the movie, but it also felt like it took forever and ever and ever. There were some interesting story concepts, like the Darkening (although I'm pretty sure they took that from Corpse Party or somewhere). But most of the major story points seemed to directly contradict major story points from the movie, so it was just a whole lot of missing the point again, and it was driving me nuts. Like, I think the Crystal hasn't cracked yet (as of the first episode), but if you're paying any attention to the movie, the Skeksis didn't exist until after the Crystal cracked. Maybe it actually has cracked and they haven't gone into it yet, but the visuals for the life-force-sucking thing look a heck of a lot like they're going to make it crack before this thing's over, so we don't know. And I don't know if we'll ever know, because we have things to do other than stare at stunning visuals like watch Miraculous. It's a shame, too, because they actually use some practical effects in this show, which is something I always appreciate (that's not to say there's not also heavy use of CGI, but still).

Anyway, we were smart enough to leave ourselves time after that to watch Miraculous, and we were on the Origins episodes! Woohoo! They're such good episodes. But as soon as they're over, we're even more impatient to see more! ...But that's nothing new.

Today I'm thankful for getting to check out a new show, alllmost making our Sailor Moon quota today, this month's Cramer not giving us too much trouble, the lovely cool weather we had today, and getting to work on Sailor Moon exclusively tomorrow (we think).
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