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We disappeared for a day! And now we're back. Cecille was in town visiting Disneyland with her friend and her friend's kid, so we went and joined them. We ended up staying at Disneyland until about eleven-thirty, and then we had to get up and get to work. Oh, but the chapter of Edens Zero we did today was so much fun. You guys'll love it! (She says, having no idea who is reading this post or what they like.) And then we had to finish our first draft of Saiyuki 1, because oh my goodness, it's due on Friday. We have no idea what the editing process is going to look like. I mean, I know we translated this before, but that was fifteen years ago, and everything has changed. Not the series, of course, but, like, everything.

Then Cecille and company went to California Adventure of Mickey's Halloween Party, and we figured we could join them until they kicked out all the non-partygoers. Only problem was they had to go pick up the kid from daycare during the three-hour overlap period, and we finished work later than expected (because we forgot to factor in Edens Zero), so by the time we were all in the park, there were only about fifteen minutes left. We did get to see Mickey's Philharmagic, but we had a very difficult time enjoying it, because right before we got there, Cecille and Friend revealed that apparently they're having a Kingdom Hearts character meet & greet at the Halloween Party this year? What!?

We had (and still have) very mixed feelings about this, and we were having a very difficult time processing with everything going on. I mean, we knew the Kingdom Hearts Donald and Goofy and Mickey costumes existed, because we'd seen pictures from Kingdom Hearts events in Japan, so reasonably that's probably what's going on, but Mickey & Pals usually have Halloween-specific costumes, so Donald and Goofy would probably be somewhere else for meet and greets, but maybe not? They have seemed to be a little lax on the whole "each character can only exist at one place at a time" thing lately, so maybe Donald and Goofy will be showing up in two sets of costumes? Or maybe they really do just have the Kingdom Hearts thing going on? Or, and this is the one that has me extremely torn about everything, what if they really did get a Sora? ...No, that doesn't make sense. He would have to be a face character, and events like this are where they just pull out the obscure costumes you don't ever see anywhere when they had the Lost Boys...who would also be face characters... But they don't technically have the rights to Sora...unless they do now? We just don't know!!!

And the thing is, Gaston and Alice and us all looked at ticket prices to the Halloween party this year and unanimously went, "Nah." The fun factor really has not been proportional to the prices lately. So we're probably going to have to Google the answer to this mystery (Cecille offered to take pictures, but we were still processing at the time, so the answer to all her offers for help was no), because tickets are more than a hundred dollars, and two hundred dollars is too much to pay just to scope out a potential photo op.

In the meantime, we're struggling with the idea of Kingdom Hearts being a thing that everybody likes, and a thing that we like, but yet somehow being something we can't like together. This may just be a result of our inability to get the hang of online communities paired with our excessive hatred of even the tiniest spoilers. We recently discovered that yes, there is a secret movie in Dream Drop Distance that we haven't seen, and that, too, is driving us up the wall. It's like...we love it so much and it means so much to us, so we want to mean something to it, too. But there we were at California Adventure, with a ton of people in Kingdom Hearts costumes (I mean, relative to how many Kingdom Hearts costumes we'd seen at Disneyland in past Halloweens), and nobody had any idea that we love Kingdom Hearts, too. And obviously we can't expect them to, but it still makes us sad, whether it's reasonable or not.

A couple of Halloweens ago, we wore our Donald and Goofy costumes to Disneyland during a party overlap period, and nobody seemed to even notice. Now they might! But I don't know. We'll see. There's still a month and a half before Halloween. But for now, we are exhausted, so I should stop trying to sort out my thoughts and just go to bed.

Today I'm thankful for one of the best chapters of Edens Zero so far, getting to hang out with Cecille and company, getting to see Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln followed immediately by the flag retreat ceremony, having time to watch Miraculous today, and getting to work on Saiyuki.
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