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Netflix has been showing us ads for their new Dark Crystal series, and I've had an interest in The Dark Crystal for a long time, but...well, the thing is, we had seen it, and I think we'd even seen it twice. But I could not for the life of me remember a single thing about it, so we thought we should watch the movie before we watched the series (even though I think the series is a prequel). We had some time tonight, so we watched it! Tadah! And the verdict sure has stunning visuals. They're even the kind of visuals that I kind of like, but there was just nowhere near enough dialogue in the movie to keep our brains engaged. I know what happened in it now! But I have a feeling I won't remember for long, because I think the main selling point of the movie is the beautiful world they created, and I just don't have a great memory for visual details.

So after the movie, we watched an episode of Miraculous for something a little more upbeat. And oh man, that Puppeteer 2 episode...

Anyway. I was still in the middle of our trip report! We had just finished getting ice cream, and now it was time for Grawp and Hagger to go to their soccer games. First was Hagger's game, and we all went to go cheer him on (except for Grawp and his father, who had to get ready for Grawp's game). There's not really much exciting to tell about it, though, since it was a bunch of kids kicking the ball around. They were all about five years old, so we're not really expecting anybody to be pulling off any amazing goals or anything. In fact, more than one of the coaches was wearing a shirt that said, "Before they can learn to play like the pros, they need to learn to enjoying playing like a kid." I think that's the organizations way of telling the parents to step back and let the kids have fun.

I think the other team won. When Hagger's game was over, we went over to watch the rest of Grawp's game, where he was playing goalie! He did a pretty good job, too. He stopped just about every goal that came his way. This was seven- and eight-year-olds, so they had a little more skill, but I still can't help but think part of the reason he was able to stop so many goals is that the kids on the other team kept running out of steam by the time they got close enough to score. Nevertheless, there's a good chance I wouldn't have been able to stop the goals anyway, so I definitely have to give him credit.

When the game was over and everybody was packing up to leave, Grawp turns to me and says, "Can you come to my house? We have a charger there." ...I forgot to mention that one of the main contributing factors in Athena getting her iPad back at McDonald's was that it was running low on power. In other words, Grawp wanted to play more Dragon City. Still, it's nice to feel wanted, even if it is mostly for your iPad, so we gladly agreed to go. When we got there, Hagger said he wanted to show us a TV show, which to me is one of the sweetest things. We're not sure if he really had a specific show that had him thinking, "Oh wow, I have to show this to my aunts!" or if watching TV is just something he enjoys doing with people, but in the end, he was just as distracted by Dragon City as Grawp, so I think we'll never know. But we got to watch most of an episode of something called...Tru? and the Rainbow Kingdom? Or something? I'm sorry, nephew, for not knowing the title of the show! But Sarah tells us she and Hermie will be cosplaying it for Halloween.

The best story from that visit is about Hermie. Grawp is very hospitable, and he was kind enough to get us some water to drink. After I finished my water, I was tired and didn't want to get up, so I just sat there, hanging on to my empty cup. At one point, Hermie came along and gently took the cup from me, informing me that she was going to refill it. I was excited to find out if she was going to refill it for me or for her. When she came back from the kitchen, she was holding the newly filled cup out to me so I could take it, and right when she got in reach, she took a sip, handed it to me, and said, "We can share!" Well, the episode of Tru we were watching was the one about how sharing is caring, so how could I say no to that? So we took turns taking sips from the cup and it was super cute.

But we still had places to go, so after the show, we hugged all the kids and headed out. Steve had already gone home to host a football party, and Mom had decided that, to kill time while we waited for his company to leave, we would head over to Baskin Robbins and by him a birthday cake, because his birthday happened to be the next day. But first we had to pick up some things from Smart & Final, and then we decided to go to Costco for reasons that I don't remember. I think Mom just wanted to. And dang, that place is a massive den of temptation. We ended up getting two slumber bags that were basically like giant plushies in animal form to later give to the nieces on their respective birthdays, and let me tell you, I am so jealous. We walked into the Costco, saw the slumber bags, and immediately I wanted one. But we figure we're too big for them, and we would have had a hard time getting them home anyway. We also ended up getting new pajamas, a set of Disney Princess figurines, and! since they have some of their Christmas stuff on sale now, Mom got us a tin of our favorite chocolate cookies.

By this time, we all realized that it had been a super long day and we were starving, so we headed over to Chik-Fil-A for dinner. The line at the drive-through was like a million years long, though, so that turned out to be more of an ordeal than we bargained for. But we did eventually get our food, and the lemonade saved our lives. By then the game was over, so we took our food back to Mom's house and enjoyed a delicious dinner.

But those of you keeping track at home may have realized that the whole point of this adventure was to get an ice cream cake, and we had not done that yet. There were about 40 minutes before closing time, and somebody remembered that we'd forgotten the cake. At this discovery, Mom turned to Steve and said, "Honey, will you go pick out an ice cream cake for your birthday?" He tried to say we didn't need a birthday cake, and I feel like I was the one who said, yeah, but it would be nice to have something. In my defense, I did offer to go with him. But the upshot is, Steve went all by himself to pick out his own birthday cake.

And that was the end of day two of our trip. Today I'm thankful for having time to watch the Dark Crystal, having time to watch an episode of Miraculous afterward, Mom buying us some of our favorite chocolate cookies, getting to share some time with Sarah's kids, and cold water.
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