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At the baptism

Today's work wasn't as intense as yesterday's, but it went on longer. And we didn't finish, so we have to work tomorrow. But! it's due Sunday, which means we'll be done with it before tomorrow is over Or Else. So that's good. The sad part is that we actually did not watch any Miraculous today. How is this even possible!? Well, we just finished season three part one again last night, so we're inbetween entire series viewings, and it's Friday, so we watched the new anime episodes instead. This week's Fruits Basket was pretty good, but I feel like it could have been better. Oh well.

Anyway, we have a little over ten minutes before we need to eat our mini-pies that we have thawing (it's been hot, so we don't want to let them thaw too long), so let's get back to our trip report!

On Saturday morning, we woke up, got dressed, and made the trek over to the church building where Grawp was going to be baptized! We got there about half an hour early, so while Grawp got his jumpsuit and was forced to pose for picture after picture, we kept an eye on Hagger. (Hermie was easily distracted by the Leap Pad Mom brought.) I seem to remember some cute incidents happening here, but I don't remember details. Mostly things like, "Hey, let's not eat Cheez-its here in the chapel where they just vacuumed, okay?" Then we went outside so we could eat Cheez-its unrestrained, and Hagger found the bushes planted just outside the building along the walls. He thought it would be cool to go exploring behind them, but after a couple of steps, he decided it was too creepy and we turned back around.

The meeting itself was pretty much what we've come to expect from the many baptisms we've attended. There was a talk about baptism ("When you get baptized, you make a covenant with Heavenly Father. A covenant is a two-way promise.") and a talk about the gift of the Holy Ghost...which I admit I didn't really hear most of because I was distracted by Hagger and his attempts to find something interesting in my bag. Then he discovered the Kinder Joy family pack we brought to distribute to the nieces and nephews and asked why we had Kinder Joy. I said, "Not we. Me. I have Kinder Joy." He was okay with that but still asked why. I didn't think it was the time to reveal that the reason was so I could give one to him, so I evaded the question. I may have shrugged.

The baptism, of course, was the same as always, but it felt more special this time because we have a stronger connection to the person who got baptized. Gilderoy mentioned a few times that it looked cool. When he was confirmed, Grawp's father gave him a very nice blessing, too. It was all very lovely.

Because so much of Grawp's family was in town for the baptism, Sarah had arranged for a big lunch, catered by Costco. And she knows her audience well--there were two Costco pizzas. ...We weren't trying to be antisocial, but we spent most of the time playing Wizards Unite. We think it's probably okay, because Grawp is into Wizards Unite, too, and it was his party. Also, they were doing an event to introduce their fancy new dragons, which happened to be going on exactly at the time of the lunch. It was funny, too, because Athena, Mom, Celeste, and I all pulled out our phones to play, and then we were surrounded by kids who wanted to see what we were doing. Mom gave her phone to Grawp and let him catch dragons for her, Hagger attached himself to Athena (who then had to multitask that with Temple Run, because he was bored by Wizards Unite), and I had a new backseat driver in the form of Grawp's older cousin from the other side of the family. At one point, a kid walked by and was like, "Oh, my mom plays that game," and then his mom came over and started playing with us. ...Well, "with" insofar as you can play Wizards Unite "with" anyone without being at a fortress.

After lunch, we decided to all go out and get ice cream at McDonald' basically we just moved all the mobile games somewhere else. The McDonald's had free wifi, so now we could finally pull up Dragon City. This was very important to Hagger, and in fact, I seem to remember him saying something before the baptism about how sad it was for his cousins that they didn't know us because they couldn't play the dragon game or something like that. So while the boys' cousin told me what traces I should go for in Wizards Unite, he also fought with Grawp and Hagger about whose turn it was to choose a dragon egg. We have no idea what anybody else was doing, because this occupied the majority of our attention. We did get hot fudge sundaes, though. I feel like that's important.

Today I'm thankful for making enough progress on work today that we shouldn't have too much trouble finishing tomorrow, getting to catch up on all our anime, getting to go to Grawp's baptism, the kids still liking us despite an unhealthy attachment to mobile devices, and managing to get all ten fragments of a Chinese Fireball. And getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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