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Visiting family again

Work was super intense today, so it's a good thing we made enough progress that we didn't have to work after dinner, because we were pretty braindead by the time we called it a day. We're okay now, though; we used our after-dinner time to watch Miraculous. The first half of season three is really good, but boy does it have us impatient for the second half!

And now it is time to report on our trip up north. Our oldest nephew got baptized last weekend! It's very exciting and also like, "Whoa, these kids are growing up!" But the point is, we went up north so we could be there for the ordinance.

We got a teeny tiny bit of a late start heading out--we thought we had time to watch an episode of anime, but we got delayed on that for some reason that I can't remember (right, we had trouble with the Crunchyroll app), and we insisted on watching the episode anyway. I don't know if we would have caught an earlier bus if we hadn't, but the point is, the bus arrived at about 11:26. We figured it should be okay, because it's about a twenty-minute bus ride (we think...?), and our train wasn't leaving until 11:59. But the bus seemed to be going slower than usual, and hitting all the red lights. As time flowed on and on and we still hadn't made it to the train station, our prayers that we'd catch our train became more and more fervent. Eventually I told myself that I might have to accept that this could be meant as a lesson in how to deal with missed trains, but I continued to hope and pray.

We arrived at the train station at about 12:02--three minutes after our scheduled departure. We saw an Amtrak train at the station...but it was southbound. But we didn't give up hope, because there were still people waiting around...but they might have been waiting for the Metro. But you guys. Our train was about eight minutes late. We didn't miss it! It was a miracle!!! So we said prayers of gratitude in our hearts and merrily set off for Fresno.

Other than that, the trip was uneventful. We got some work done on the third leg of the journey, and Mom and Steve picked us up at the station. Then we went to In-N-Out for dinner, and then we picked up Celeste and went to Mom's favorite walking spot for Wizards Unite. The local farmer's market was going on, but we didn't stop to look at anything, because we were on a mission to get spell energy. We did a bunch of wizard challenges at the fortress and then we went back to Mom's house.

While there, we played Telestrations, which is basically like the sentence-picture-sentence game, only more structured and with just words instead of sentences. It's a lot of fun but sometimes you have to get creative to make it interesting. For example, the first word I got was mushrooms, and you're supposed to stop and look at the series of words and pictures when you get the booklet you started with (they're dry-erase, so they're reusable!), but we just kept going until the books were filled. When my booklet came back to me, it was on a word page, which said "Mushrooms galore!" So obviously, people were easily drawing mushrooms and then guessing that the word was mushrooms and so forth. That was boring. So among my mushrooms, I drew Toad from the Super Mario series. That eventually resulted in drawings of castles getting attacked by jellyfish, and that was way more fun.

Of course, sometimes the fun came from taking advantage of misspellings. Mom got a booklet that had the word "cheese grader," so she drew a wheel of cheese and a stick figure with a hand to its chin, and a speech bubble that said (and I don't remember exactly, but it was something like), "A? C? D? B?" That got Celeste's dander up, because you're not supposed to use letters or numbers, but she rolled with it this time and we ended up with an odd game of hangman where I misspelled "cheese." Oops.

Anyway, eventually we wrapped up the game and...stayed up talking for a while...and then went to bed because for some reason this baptism was at ten in the morning instead of the more reasonable 2pm that our stake uses for baptisms, and it was an hour away from where we were, so we had to get up appropriately early. And the story of the longest day will have to wait until tomorrow. (...Okay, I doubt it was the longest day, but it was pretty long.)

Today I'm thankful for miraculously catching our train, getting to play Telestrations, getting to watch some really great episodes of Miraculous, not completely draining all our brain energy, and getting to have some chocolate pie.
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