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Okay, I think we're fully functional again. We're getting a little antsy about our workload, so we ended up working after dinner, but not all the way until bedtime! Page seemed worried about us, though. She saw we were still at the computer and started meowing and getting on the laptop to get in our way. Eventually she hopped up onto my chair behind me, and we had to wonder if she was trying to shove me off in an attempt to say, "No! Stop working! It's not healthy!" Or maybe she just wanted my chair. Who can say?

And oh boy, do we have a lot of stuff to report on. I think when we last left off, we were just about to have lunch at the Carthay Circle. We asked for our favorite waiter, and he was working that day, so we got him! Tadah! So there was a lot of fun conversation in addition to our meal.

Athena and I weren't going to look at the menu, because we always get the same thing, and it's never on the menu, but Gaston pointed out that one of the dishes this time was a chicken meatball pasta. Since our usual is pasta with chicken on the side, we all thought this deserved further investigation. The first question was how spicy were the meatballs. So we asked our waiter, and he said he didn't think they were very spicy, but, knowing that different people have different tolerances, he went to ask if he could get a meatball for us to try. When he brought it back, we tried it immediately, and my first thought was, "Wow, this texture is gross," and my second thought was, "But the flavor is kind of amazing."

So we told our waiter (I'll call him Tom) that we would go with the usual, and we discussed it a little more, and I was able to say that, while I hated the texture of the meatball, I really liked the flavor, so if, instead of the regular salt and pepper, we could go with that same seasoning, that might be really good. Tom got a sort of scheming look on his face and said he'd see what he could do. Later, he came back and warned us that he saw the chicken and it had green on it. Anyone who knows picky eaters knows that green is the worst color (for food; elsewhere, I love it). We thought about it and decided that if the green was from seasoning, it would probably be okay, so we'll stick with it, and we thanked him for the warning. He also said that if we decided we didn't like it after all to let him know right away and he would replace it with something more palatable. You guys, this is the best waiter ever.

The whole thing was actually the subject of some of our discussion. All the really good restaurants are happy to replace your meal if there's anything wrong with it, because their goal is to provide a pleasurable experience for their guests. And it's much more profitable for them to have people go home happy then to have them go home, tell all their friends never to go there, and eventually lose all their business and have to shut down.

We also talked with Tom about the kinds of guests he doesn't like serving, and I think the fact that he was willing to talk to us about it at all means we aren't included in that category. It helped us feel better about our fancy restaurant experience, because when we went to the Blue Bayou with someone other than Gaston and Alice, our associate made us feel very much like she felt the need to apologize on our behalf because we were such a nuisance to everyone. But now, here we were, talking with a waiter who was happy to go the extra mile to help us expand our food horizons (even if only a very little), and he was talking like we were far from the worst guests he'd ever dealt with. So that was very nice.

We had dessert as usual, and then we kept talking with Tom for a very long time, because we always go at the end of the lunch shift so we can take our time while everything slows down to get ready for the dinner shift, and Tom didn't have anyone else to serve because everybody had finished eating, and it was three thousand degrees outside, so we just stayed and chatted.

Eventually we did have to move on, though, so we bid farewell until next time (we're now considering going for Alice's half-birthday, since her real birthday is in the middle of blockout season) and off we went to continue our adventures. It was so hot out, we decided it was a good day to go on Grizzly River Run, for which the line was mysteriously only five minutes, despite the insane heat.

This time, the other passengers in our raft were some people visiting from New York (and their friend who recently moved to SoCal). They immediately noticed that Alice was as calm as can be (she wasn't wearing jeans, so she knew she would dry off quickly if she got soaked, and we had decided to use a locker for our bags, so she didn't have to worry about her phone or anything else), and Gaston informed them that that's because we all know this ride smells fear. I think we've mentioned this before, but it's been a while, so I'll say it again: if you accept the fact that you may get drenched, you'll end up getting just the right amount of wet.

We had more lovely conversation as we enjoyed the scenery, and then we made it down the last waterfall and the ride was almost over. At this point, our fellow passengers looked at Alice and exclaimed, "It's true, she's dry!" She assured them her back was a little wet, but she basically was dry. There was still the risk of getting hit by the geyser, and it did start to go off when we got to it, but it wasn't a huge burst and we all made it away relatively unscathed. For my part, I was a little disappointed. It was hot, and I wanted to get soaked. Maybe you also have to accept the fact that you may not get splashed at all...

We went on the Little Mermaid ride as usual, tried the "new" Inside-Out Emotional Whirlwind (which really was just a re-painted Flik's Flyers)...we stayed to catch the Electrical Parade, which is still significantly less magical than it was when we were children. I don't know if it's because children just see things as more magical, or if it's because they did something to the parade (for example, it seems to move kind of slow). I don't know if we'll ever find out.

But for now, it is late and we really should go to bed. Today I'm thankful for wonderful service as usual from our favorite Carthay Circle waiter, getting to go on Grizzly River Run, a cat who cares about our mental and emotional well-being, getting to try our usual Carthay Circle meal with a bit of a twist (and it was still really good), and the weather being nice and cool today.
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