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Back at the edge of the galaxy

We are noticeably more alive tonight than we were last night! We're afraid it won't last long, though, because tomorrow, we travel. We're really hoping we can get a significant chunk of work done on the train, but I have no idea how likely that is. On the bright side, while we didn't finish Saint Young Men like we'd hoped, we did get significantly farther on it than we planned, so that one, at least, should get in on time. Of course, there are never any guarantees.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun at Disneyland with Gaston and Alice, and I want to make sure to make a record of some of that fun, so here goes!

Alice had to take care of some errands, so she dropped us off at the parking lot with Gaston and we made our way toward Galaxy's Edge without her. We tried to go in through the "main entrance" (with quotation marks because I'm not sure which entrance is really the main one), but were turned away by cast members with the most obnoxious job ever. I can't blame them--they're just doing their job--but I can still be annoyed about it! Apparently one of the crowd control methods used at Galaxy's Edge is to block off entry from everywhere east of the Rivers of America, which means anyone who wants to start their day there has to go all the way to Critter Country. I think the idea is that the people who only kinda sorta want to go there will be distracted by things like Big Thunder Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean, so the lines that are actually in Galaxy's Edge will be shorter.

In theory, it could work, but in actuality, I think it's a little silly for two reasons. First, they only seem to do this on days when the park opens at eight. The crowds don't really hit until ten-thirty. Second, while there are three lines to do certain things in Galaxy's Edge, two of them require reservations. ...So I guess what it boils down to is a feeble attempt at reducing the wait time for Smuggler's Run...which is probably not going to be super long even after a park-opening rush to get on the ride, because, as previously mentioned, the park is usually pretty empty before ten-thirty.

I was ready to say forget it, you don't want us in Galaxy's Edge, we'll do something else! And in fact, we did go on Big Thunder, which was a walk-on. In fact, when we got back from our train ride, there was no one to take our seats, so we probably could have just stayed put and gone again, but I wanted to clear it with a cast member first, and there were none in earshot. But Gaston was eager to see the new land, so we made the trek across Frontierland, New Orleans Square, and Critter Country, entered Galaxy's Edge, and made the trek down the long, useless walkway to see what there was to see.

After our frustration with the lack of Roman-letter signage last time, we made sure to come prepared this time. I didn't have time to learn the whole thing, but I taught myself about half the letters in the Aurabesh, which was enough to help us figure out the rest from context. ...And that turned out to be largely disappointing, because about 85% of the signs say "caution" or "warning." But now we finally know what the sign above the Jedi surplus store says (Antiquities), and the best sign is the one we found over the drinking fountain that we had used last time we visited. It said, "Warning. This water is not safe to consume for most lifeforms. Please drink with caution." It was only then that we noticed it was (apparently) hooked up to a tank full of gross dark-colored water...which periodically had the giant eyeball of an alien creature pop out of it. Well, that's a funny joke, I guess. I do wish more of the extragalactic creatures had fur or feathers. Ah well.

We wandered around and made sure Gaston got to see everything, we got something to eat, and, since our info broker friend was nowhere in sight and the other cast members weren't being as helpfully sneaky, we decided to wait for Alice before we got in the nearly-hour long line for Smuggler's Run. Then we wandered back to Main Street. Soon thereafter, we met up with Alice, took in a show of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, read some neat information about Imagineers that we didn't know before (I had no idea it was the great Ken Anderson who designed the beautiful facades for the New Fantasyland back in the '80s!), and went all the way back to Galaxy's Edge (using a much more reasonable entrance this time) to go on Smuggler's Run. It was our first time in the standby line, but it moved at a pretty good clip, so we weren't too bored, and it went through areas we didn't get to see in the fastpass line. It also had a lot of signs that said "caution" and "danger" in Aurabesh.

This time! Gaston and Alice got to be pilots, and Athena and I were gunners. We were excited, because it was a little bit like we were the Fred and George Beaters of the team. And it turns out you can keep the Falcon pretty safe from enemies if you just sit back, watch the proceedings, and mash the trigger button. Alice had a blast, because she was the pilot in charge of jumping to lightspeed.

And I think that's going to have to do for now. Don't let me forget to talk about our lunch at the Carthay Circle sometime after we get back!

Today I'm thankful for getting to try a new job in Smuggler's Run, having another chance to appreciate Jim Cummings as Hondo Ohnaka, making good progress on Saint Young Men, getting our laundry done, and finding a fun sign at the water fountain.
So that was fun. And then...
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