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Exploring the Spire

We did it! We successfully finished watching Miraculous Season 3 Part 1 (or Season 4, depending on which Netflix menu you're looking at) five times in the month it's been available! Woohoo! Oh, and that last episode sure has us excited for the next batch of episodes!

But in the meantime, I still have a Disneyland trip to report on. After we got off of Smuggler's Run, we continued our wanderings and soon came to a building that appeared to be a restaurant of some sort. One of the things the Disney Parks Blog seemed to be very proud of about Star World is its space food, so I was curious and we went inside to check it out. The place was nearly empty, which made things just a little bit more intimidating, but fortunately there were a couple of guests there before us to distract the cast member while we looked at the menu screens.

Apparently the reason for the near-emptiness is that we had arrived right before the switch from breakfast to lunch, which was perfect for us because we love breakfast foods but tend to have much worse luck with lunch. The other factor that likely contributed to the lack of people is that the breakfast menu appeared to have only two items on it. (Other than their fancy drinks, which looked interesting except one was tea, one was kombucha (which I think is different from tea tea?), and the last one looked really good (it had pineapple!) except for the fact that it had chipotle in it. I understand it's entirely unreasonable of me, but my opinion of chipotle is, "I don't really know what it is, but I'm pretty sure I don't like it." As mentioned before, we have the palates of five-year-olds.) The one something I forgot, but the other one was called a Mustafarian Lava Roll, and the only description of it on the menu was that it was a sweet treat...beloved the galaxy over or something like that. Incidentally, none of the food in Star World has any name that would give poor Earthlings like us any clue what might be in it.

Fortunately, by the time the other guests were done ordering, we had acclimatized to the place enough that we were willing to ask the cast member what a "lava roll" might taste like. She told us it was a cinnamon roll with raspberry sauce, something chocolate (she was more specific than that, but I was still having a hard time taking everything in), and lemon powder. Nothing in that sounded objectionable, and we knew we needed to not starve ourselves, and we'd forgotten to bring rations, so we ordered one! And, although the single fork they gave us to eat it with was woefully insufficient to help us eat the thing without tearing it apart with our fingers (it did help a little), and although we're so over cinnamon (I think we ODed on it the one time we got the abuelita chocolate ChocoChilla at Winchell's; there was so much spice, we needed another drink to cool down from the drink), we really enjoyed it! The raspberry sauce didn't taste like raspberry so much as some sweet, vaguely fruity thing, but for us, that's just perfect! The chocolate something was crushed Oreos as usual, and the lemon powder...I'm pretty sure it added something, but I'm not a culinary writer, so. Anyway, we liked it, and that's the important thing.

As we ate, we spent more time soaking in the ambiance...which was not our favorite. Athena says it feels just like you're in an '80s sci-fi fantasy movie, which is, you know, fine. It didn't turn me off as much as, say, the ambiance in the gift shop of the Guardians of the Galaxy ride. Because it's a food establishment, they had some crates with fish-like creatures on room temperature ice, and more fish-like creatures hanging from bars like they were drying out or something? ...But they all looked pretty fake and plasticky. Hey, maybe that's what fish-like creatures look like at the edge of the galaxy.

Much as we didn't care for the interior, when we went outside, we found ourselves in a little courtyard with more tables that was beautiful! It had the same vibe as the area outside the Three Broomsticks over at Harry Potter Land, and we loved it. And there was nobody there, so we figured it would be a good place to set up shop and get some work done. So we found a booth in the corner that turned out to be in just the right spot to stay in the shade as the sun moved higher in the sky, and we enjoyed the beauty of the artificial rock formations as we listened to the ambient music. The music was another example of their commitment to this theme. I'm not sure how to describe it. We think avant-garde is appropriate, but we don't actually know. It was all played on percussion instruments of some sort, at least one of which had melodic capabilities. It definitely sounded exotic. It was unusual, but nice, and it blended well with the atmosphere of the courtyard, so I liked it pretty well. There were some parts where I was like, "Whoa, what is this?" (we were there for a while, so we heard a lot of the music), but overall it was pretty good.

At one point a giant beetle came along and kept threatening to dive-bomb us, but overall it maintained a respectful distance. Nevertheless, it was a rather disruptive adventure. We also tried setting up Dark Detectors at the Millennium Falcon inn because there were practically no Wizards Unite confoundables in Star World, but that was a fruitless effort. I guess the Force is strong against wizards.

After we finished a chapter, we debated about whether we should keep up the momentum and keep working or whether we should do the "healthy" thing and get up to walk around a little. Ultimately we decided on the latter, which I'm not sure was the best choice, considering we didn't manage to finish our draft that day, but at any rate, we explored the rest of Star World...which did turn out to be unreasonably large. And the reason I think the size is unreasonable is that most of the interesting stuff is in one central hub. It is legitimately interesting, though. I think I mentioned the marketplace area. It had little shops with all kinds of neat wares (haha, I said all kinds, but I meant "Star Wars everything"). There was a clothes shop that had shirts that weren't just Star Wars t-shirts--they were the kind of shirts the designers imagine you might be able to buy at the Black Spire Outpost.

And there was one shop that had all plushies!!! That would be our favorite store except that Star Wars creatures actually aren't that cute (yes, that includes porgs, in our opinion). It did have cages/terrariums that had live creatures, though! And that was neat. There was the one furry little guy in the center, who was sleeping adorably. It might have been more adorable if it didn't obviously look like it was modeled as a sleeping creature with no possibility of ever waking up. I gave it a chance, though. I tried shouting at it. No reaction. I touched its tail. Nothing. Oh well. There was some kind of giant frog-like creature that looked pretty cool. I remember being sad that one of the creatures (maybe the frog) had screens for eyelids. That's just how things are these days, I guess. Le sigh.

We left the marketplace and found ourselves on a wide walkway that seemed to go on forever. We walked and walked and walked, past several kiosks selling (you guessed it!) Star Wars merch, until we found...another queue area!! Woohoo!! It was closed. We knew it would be, because that ride isn't scheduled to open until January, but there was a cast member standing at the entrance. That had us curious, because we were like, "If it's closed, why not just but up a sign?" So we went to ask her, and she said that the rebellion or the resistance or whatever it is these days needs to maintain utmost secrecy, and there's no telling when or where the First Order might show up. And we figured yeah, I can see why you'd want to take precautions to avoid information leaks. Meanwhile, I took a few pictures of the queue area.

We kept going along the pointlessly long, disappointingly empty walkway (really? you can't put any more attractions here? or at least a splash pad for the kiddos? at the very very least, some BENCHES!? we're dying from all the walking! give us a place to rest!!!) until we came to...the Hungry Bear Restaurant!? What!? But that's, like, on the opposite side of the park from the entrance we came in! (Not true. It's only like halfway across the park. For it to really be on the opposite side, we would have had to enter from Tomorrowland. But what do space and time travel have to do with Tomorrowland? ...No, that's okay, though. This land is pointlessly big enough.) Anyway, it proved Gaston's theory that they added the walkway because there was going to be an entrance to Star World there. I thought it was too far away from the main entrance to Star World, but clearly I grossly underestimated the size of fourteen acres. (I lived in apartments all my life. I have no idea how big an acre is.)

So I expressed my annoyance that the whole of Disneyland seemed to be taking a backseat to Star World, and then we turned around and walked down the pointlessly long walkway, pausing to admire the adorable pink puffs in one of the trees (or was it a bush? we don't know, we're not horticulturalists). At least if they were going to make the area pointlessly big, they did put a lot of love into it.

We made it back to the Black Spire Outpost (or at least, I think it's the outpost; like I said about the signage) and explored the bigger stores. First we found the Droid Depot, and I will say...the logo for Droid Depot has two Aurebesh Ds, which I think is pretty funny because it's the jawas who are the mechanical experts, and they're always saying, "Dee-dee!" We also found a group of people waiting by a counter where they had what appeared to be a sort of lightsaber menu. It had the types of lightsaber listed in Aurebesh and English, so we were trying to peer at it surreptitiously so we could learn enough characters that we could figure out the rest of it, but the cast member caught us and asked if we wanted help. We were like, "No, we're just trying to learn Aurebesh."

She said there was a place around the corner that she thought had a notebook with all the letters, so off we went around the corner...and found, like, a Jedi shop of some sort? They have artifacts from the light side and the dark side, though, so we don't know if we can really trust those people. The decor was really cool, though. They had reliefs that seemed to depict famous Jedi stories (we didn't study them, only took pictures), and mounted heads of space beasts. There was a container that had a strange tentacled creature, which I commented on (I think I said, "That's disgusting"), and a cast member heard me and replied, "Oh, that's Toothy!" and I was like, "I see no teeth. Only tentacles." Apparently you can see the teeth better from the other side. Anyway, it was kind of like a Jedi museum, but also kind of like some old Jedi gave the whole thing up and decided to make a profit off of it. I don't even know. But the point is, we never found the rumored notebook. That place was too intimidating for me to ask cast members in.

When we exited the store, we discovered what all the people were waiting for--Kylo Ren was doing something or other. We didn't stick around. We continued to wander. The only place we hadn't seen yet was...the bathroom! I figured there had to be one, because that land is way too huge to not have a bathroom. They should probably put another one on that pointlessly long walkway. I mean, even Tom Sawyer's Island has two bathrooms (although they're much smaller). The bathroom was...interesting? It looked like the scary bathrooms you find on road trip rest stops. I was like, "Okay, I really admire your unusual commitment to a theme, maintaining the rusty look of practically everything, but bathrooms are one area where I think it's okay to ease up a little bit." In their defense, the doors to the stalls were very shiny. But the walls inside the stalls were still covered in gross fake rust.

And I think I've rambled on long enough, so I will continue this tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for the beautiful courtyard outside that restaurant in Star World (I like the sound of this nickname, but if I think about it too hard, it creates too many unmet expectations; Star World should be sparkly), Mustafarian Lava Rolls, the fact that the lava rolls are not hot temperature-wise or spice-wise (despite the fact that Star World clearly loves spice; the marketplace even has a shop that's all sweet-and-spicy popcorn), managing to watch those episodes of Miraculous five times in a month, and getting a little bit of work done today despite our dilly-dallying.
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